STREET ART #99 – Nature as tunnel art in Helsingør, Denmark


I will continue to share street art from Helsingør / Elsinore, Denmark. I was pleasantly surprised to see so much amazing art in this city. I did not know about it in advance, but after arriving by train, my sister and I left our luggage at the hotel and took a city walk in the old town. We happened to come across exquisite street art. Since we had planned two nights in the city, we had time to explore. Outside the city center, there are a number of underpasses / tunnels, decorated by artists. All of them were pretty close to each other, so we could see several at the same time. Here are two of them, where Michael Wisniewski is the artist behind these two.

The two underpasses or tunnels are situated near a school and very close to each other. They seem connected because they are so close, but also because it's the same artist. Nature is the theme in both tunnels. The first tunnel we walk through has paintings of animals at both entrances.

On the walls inside, there is a deep, green forest on one side and a forrest in afternoon light and autumn colors on the other. Both walls are so full of details! I had to take a close up to be able to actually notice the butterfly. On each side and in both ends of the tunnel there is a bird, snail, fox and a lizard /salmander.

The second tunnel is right beside this one. Same artist and nature continues. The artist has let the dandelion follow from the first tunnel and into the second as a recurring theme.

A wonderful way of transforming the grey, concrete walls. Exquisite art that really took our breath away and a wonderful way of ending that day.

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All the photoes are mine, Ulla Jensen (flickr, Instagram and facebook)

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