STREET ART #98 - Simon Spies Plads in Helsingør, Denmark


This time I am going to show you street art from Helsingør in Denmark. Just a few weeks ago I was there to visit Kronborg Castle, but I discoved that the city not only has an old, historical city center and the castle made famous because of William Shakespeare's play Hamlet.It also has beautiful street art. Together with my sister our priority was to visit a photo exhibition at Kronborg. That was the reason we came to town. But we noticed beautiful murals and eventually found out that the city has a lot. I am going to share our discoveries with you.

This large mural is found in the historical city center at a square named Simon Spies Plads. This square used to be a market place, but we noticed there was a flea market one of the days we passed. The artist has transformed the wall into a narration of the history of the place. The wall is overed on both sides, painted in 2019 by Mexican artist Adry del Rocio and the Dutch Ruben Poncia. A huge swan at the beginning of this wall. Then the detailed picture with the history of the square as a market.

Andry del Rocio specialises in 3D. Check and you will see beautiful pieces.

After seing the murals above we left the place. It was not until we returned that we saw the globus, plane and the portrait, which are on the back side. It took us a little while to realise that the portrait is Simon Spies. But when we did, it made sence to see the plane, the cane and the globus. Ruben Poncia has done the wall with Simon Spies.

Simon Spies was a famous Danish tycoon, best known for founding the airline that brought the package tours into the Danish travel market when he founded Spies Rejser in 1956. That was a huge succes. Later he founded his own airline, named Conair of Scandinavia. He was known for his provocative views and he often made headlines in the medias. On the mural with his portrait I think he is an eldrly man. The plane and the globus symbolizes his airline and travels. His cane? There is a writing on the wall that says it was his best cane... It is said that when he bought a ticket to the theatre he would buy an extra seat for his cane. We found out that he was born in Helgingør. That explanes why the square is named after him.

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Kristiansand, Norway

All the photoes are mine, Ulla Jensen (flickr, Instagram and facebook)

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