Ecency-star [Challenge] - Support Our Members!

You can find in this post the screenshot or details of my participation in this challenge to support ecency members

The Challenge Post (by @ecency-star)


Source: Challenge: Let's Support Our Members!

1️⃣ I Reblog the @Ecency-star challenge post

2️⃣ 3 Missions : Comment + Like + Reblog
A user post published through Ecency :
Comment! Like! Reblog! ecency user: @sousouchou12

  • Here my comment

  • My vote & reblog to the same post:

  • Rewards: 10 Ecency points x 3 = 30 pts

3️⃣ 7 days challenge!
7 Like, 7 Comment, or 7 Reblog posts published through Ecency platform

  • During 1 week you will find under this link all the comments of the members using ecency that we have:
    Commented + Voted + Reblogged + 500pts offered

Proof of our engagment

  • Rewards: 10 Ecency extra points!

4️⃣ Champion!
The most active participant will get extra 150 points!

Even if I am not the winner, I am happy to participate and congratulate the future winner in advance

5️⃣ Lucky draw!
Random participant

Long live luck and chance

Rewards: 10 Ecency points!

To show my engagment to the community and my participation in this challenge, I suggested to @Hiveboost to participate in the challenge (vote + comment + reblog) and in addition to boosting with 500pts ecency, more than 20 posts of presentation to motivate the new arrivals using ecency (rewards: 20 x 500pts => 20 000 pts ecency).

  • Here the template comments that we will put on the posts that we will select:

You have been selected to receive 500 boost pts because you use the @ecency interface and thanks to the challenge organized by @ecency-star

Version française
Comme il a été demandé par ce challenge dans la missions 3.

  • Pour montrer mon engagement à la communauté et ma participation à ce challenge j'ai proposé à @Hiveboost de participer à ce challenge (voter + commenter + rebloger) et en plus de booster avec 500pts ecency, plus de 20 posts de présentation pour motiver les nouveaux arrivées utilisant ecency (cadeau: 20 x 500pts => 20 000 pts ecency).

  • Les messages que nous allons mettre sur les posts que nous sélectionnerons:

Vous avez été sélectionné pour recevoir 500 pts de boost car vous utilisez l'interface @ecency et grace au challenge organisée par @ecency-star

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