[Challenge] Let's Support Our Members!

Happy Day!


These are the last days of November, of Autumn, and winter is coming!

I know all of us are busy, but let's do something good for others, and let's support our community, let's share love and warmth with each other!

I have a lot of projects and ideas in my head now, and I want to spend the last days of this year actively, dynamically, and 'Ecencialy'! So, the first project is Supporting Challenge!

A short comment or like motivates a lot! It doesn't take much time but it will make the post author happy!

It is not a contest! It is a challenge, where all participants will be rewarded! Of course, only if you complete the action :)

#1 - Reblog

Reblog this post and get 10 Ecency points!

#2 - 3 Missions

  1. Comment! Leave a comment on the post that was made by any of Ecency users! It means, that the post and comment must be done through any of Ecency app.
  2. Like! Support posts that were published through Ecency with you Like.
  3. Reblog! Share posts of other Ecency users. Let more people know about beautiful 'Ecencians'.

For any of these 3 missions, you will get 10 Ecency points! So, you can get up to 30 points!

❗❗❗ This post is excluded from the missions. Find other posts by other authors^^

That is not all yet!

#3 - 7-days challenge!

Like, Comment, or Reblog any post that was published through Ecency platform every day during a week, and get extra 10 points!

#4 - Champion!

The most active participant will get extra 150 points!

#5 - Lucky draw!

I don't like number 4, so I added 1 more category! I will pick up any random participant and give him/her 10 Ecency points!

How to redeem your points?

To clarify your participation, just leave in comments the screenshot with your 'like, comment or reblog'

REMEMBER! All actions should be done through Ecency app!




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