THE BEST OF THE WEEK (# 15): Sesame Mochi, Vegan Alfajores with coffee cream filling, Superfood Fig Power Balls


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Today we publish other edition of the special curatorship, which will complement the MEATLESS MONDAY; that we have called: THE BEST OF THE WEEK. Our intention with this post is to recognize the best of the best of the posts that you, friends of Hivers, share weekly in our Plant Power (Vegan) community, selecting the top three recipes from the previous week; which on this occasion corresponds to the period from Wednesday, September 14, to Tuesday, September 20, 2022.

Each of the selected publications will be reviewed in this curatorship, and in turn, its author will be awarded 0.5 Hive in order to give him/her a modest recognition for the excellence and quality of his/her work.


Having said all of the above, let's see which recipes are THE BEST OF THE WEEK in this edition


Mochi is a Japanese dessert, delicious, nutritious, very traditional and special; and @aswita has made her own version, enriching it with sesame seeds. In a post with beautiful photos, where she tells us how she met this unique dessert, she presents the recipe in a very structured, well developed way, with a beautiful result: A soft, creamy mochi, with a beautiful pink color, covered with sesame seeds, which is why she deserves to be part of The Best of the Week.

Sesame Mochi Recipe! | by @aswita


Alfajores are one of the classic desserts of Latin America, and they are delicious, elegant and very versatile; and this week @sovebrito shares with us a recipe for 100% vegan alfajores, filled with a coffee cream, which are ideal for a snack. In a very complete post, with a well explained step by step, she brings us this delicious recipe that deserves to be part of The Best of the Week.

(ESP) Mí propuesta para hoy: Alfajores Veganos con relleno de crema de café (ING) My proposal for today: Vegan Alfajores with coffee cream filling | by @sovebrito


It is generally assumed that snacks are not very nutritious and harmful to health, but @amy-goodrich shows us with a great recipe, that this is not true, that there can be delicious snacks and very good for our health, due to its high nutritional power. And in a very complete post, with beautiful photos, she develops this recipe for Superfood Fig Power Balls; so she is also part of the Best of the Week.



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