OCD Community Boost Contest: The book that transformed me

Has a book ever transformed you and your life?

The book that transformed me


I am fascinated by the writer Card Sagan and in his book "The Dragons of Eden" he marked me forever, because the book initially exposes Eden as a metaphor, relates the origin of living beings from something that seems to be almost unreal and Totally abstract, but as we move forward it reveals more logical and scientific reasons, such as evolution to reach the stages in which it is today.

With great subtlety, it exposes small factors, variations and possibilities for this to happen, and clarifies that the probabilities are minimal, but not impossible, the circumstances that transpired for what we are to be real and if it is actually that beings in the universe alive we are a total rarity.


This book gave me to understand that knowledge is never static, and that human beings are thinking beings, capable of understanding and giving an answer to everything, to most things, we are capable of seeing ourselves as an object of study We can analyze our anatomy, we can put into practice the study of our cognitive abilities, we can orient ourselves and see our brain and encrypt how it works, to show a total empathy that was a factor for our survival.

And since the brains were developed we were not aware of the way it was being optimized, apparently there is a perfect "organization" that governs and governs everything which allowed everyone to emerge the way it is, we have given very dogmatic solutions such as the case of a god who created us and allowed everything but there will always be the why.


Knowledge becomes the whole conclusion of the book, nature has endowed us with something that no other animal has, intelligence, and what we are making of it, we waste it mostly, how is it possible that after a very long evolutionary process of billions of years, after having had to annihilate species to survive, since we have this, we do not know how to make good use of it, we should know what our destiny is, in short, we must analyze and take out the most important but not necessarily but in a curious way, since we are teachers of ourselves there is no better teacher than yourself, you are the one who teaches you so you learn new things since experiences depend on you and perhaps that is the essence of the book, each After all, an individual learns or experiences different experiences in a different context, that is why we are different, and it depends on the failure and learning, modified and finally evolved.

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