Reflection Hunters Contest 6

Hello, reflection hunters! 📷 😎 📷

I’ve been on the hunt for reflections and the results are here. Good or bad, of course, YOU will decide!:)

The first reflection here is from a park in the town. Bridges over the lake (I hope I captured the composition well) and trees. There is no sun, so they are not distinct colors.


😎 📷 😎

The second reflection is actually proof that reflections can also be seen on a dirty car window :)

What you see here is the courthouse in my town, if anyone is interested in the building (from an architectural point of view looks like a kind of mansion) you can see it in more details in this post, last picture ...


😎 📷 😎

And finally a selfie in a puddle, haha, I look like Uncle Fester from Addams Family :)


Happy reflection hunting!

15% of the earnings of this post will go to beneficiaries of the community (@hive-179017).

😎 📷 😎

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