Viewing From Up There (SMASh 236)

Hola Shadow & Reflection Hunters in the Hive! Hope everything is going well for you. Life's good and we are absolutely grateful to be waking up to another beautiful day.

Today, I'm sharing some shadows taken at a place which is memorable to me. Something really funny and rather embarrassing happened there during one of our road trips and the FarmBoy teases me each time we pass by. It is also one of those spots we love to stopover for a short break from driving, breath the cold air and simply enjoy the landscape.

This view deck is located at Highway 73, one of those installed along the Halsema Road. I'm just glad we were able to catch some shadows at that time and here they are!

Pretty similar to the ones I have shared in my last shadow hunting participation but definitely not the same. The shadows of the concrete railings can't be missed.

And the husband got right on time whilst I was taking this one. Had to blur him out because he wouldn't want his photo anywhere on the web, lol!

And last but not the least, here's to share some of the scenery seen from up there. Always fascinating to see those mountains, hills, roadss and farm terraces too. The houses look like tiny spectacles on the vast landscape.

And there goes my little story and the shadows for my participation to the Shadow Hunting Edition #236.

Thank you and have a fabulous day everyone!

All photos are my own. 130922/09:00ph

Smile... laugh often... love more... be happy and grateful always!

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