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i originally wrote the following text for another post in the feel good community but have edited it slightly and am recirculating it here.


here in norway, when we buy a loaf of bread it is whole. the supermarkets provide a self-serve slicing machine to those who prefer their bread pre-sliced. i never do but many are happy for the opportunity. surprisingly many people leave the crusts which drop down in a drawer at the bottom. occasionally one of the workers empty it and presumably quite a lot is discarded. the shops are happy if somebody comes and takes some away free of charge. we are happy to get the chance and empty the whole drawer to feed the birds with it. for that the birds are happy to allow us to take photos of them and their shadows.


now consider how many are happy because of this:
the customer is happy to use the slicer
somebody at home is happy not to have to eat the crust
the workers are happy not to have to empty the drawer
the shopkeeper is happy to reduce food waste
we are happy to take the crusts to feed the birds
the birds are very happy for the food
people passing by are happy to see the birds in action
we are happy to see them making interesting shadows
@melinda010100 and co is happy for the entry
hopefully the readers are happy to view the post
and i am happy if they do

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