Shadows and reflections contest entry: dvdwritter

Saw the contest announcement circulated in Shadow Hunters community. I am really enticed to enter the contest. Thus, this is my submission for Shadows and Reflection contest. Below series of pictures was all taken yesterday. Let me walk you through with some explanation for each of the pictures posted here.


I was really stressed and needed some time out. I reach for my car key and drove to a well known spot for taking sunset at Sultan Abdul Samad Airport, Subang. Before pandemic, the spot was really popular for taking pictures of plane landing. There are not so many flight currently, and waiting for a plane to land could take hours.

When I reach at the spot, there are only 3 cars at the area. Not crowded as usual. All of them are taking sunset pictures. I stay there for almost half an hour. Before I took off, I notice reflection of the sunset at my car passenger side window.




The day in office was tense. I got out from office exactly at 5pm and straight away head home. At my house staircase, I saw the sunlight that is shining down at the staircase, and hits the fire extinguisher box and no littering sign at a perfect angle.

I took a shower and change my cloth before I got out again to take sunset pictures





In my office toilet, there are a large mirror. Before I go into a meeting, I will always look at the mirror and tidy up myself. I love to look presentable during meeting.

With current pandemic situation, it has been quite some time since I last meet up with my customers. My shadows looks like a blob from this angle.



I ordered nasi lemak at a food stall nearby my house. The total for my nasi lemak was MYR7. I brought MYR50 with me. Unfortunately, the stall owner didn't have enough small change. I told him to wait, while I walk to the mini market across the street.

Bought a pack of orange juice from the mini market. Then I went back to the food stall and pay MYR7 from the change that I got from the mini market.

This exercise equipment is located next to the food stall. What funny to me is, the shadow cast from this exercise equipment resemble a drone rather than an exercise equipment 😂




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