AteXoras 🍻 Pub Gathering - Restructuring!

This Pub will open weekly on the Pubs Community with the purpose of acting as a place to meet, socialize, exchange information, get free stuff, you get the idea for HIVE's sake!

We also have a Live Scratch Paper where you can find all the current up-to-date information about this project.

(made by @swayzilla and donated via NFT Showroom)


Have you noticed the HUGE CHANGE?! That's right, lots of thinking was put into this, and we thought really hard about how to make it better. Feedback will be welcome!

Live Scratch Paper

Like the new header mentions, we have moved the static stuff (which was making the gathering very hard to read) into a new static (that will be updated over time) post. This is where you will find most of the information about the Pub. Any complaints, suggestions, please let us know.

Gatherings Rewards Changed!

According to the new information released on the Live Scratch Paper (LSP) rewards that usually would be burned have now a different purpose. So, if you didn't like to upvote these events 100% for some reason, now you will have a different motive.

The main change is that instead of burning those rewards, we will try to liquidate them (80%) and benefit curators with an additional 10% (of the usual 50% defined by the blockchain). Then, with the earned HIVE, we will start purchasing BEE tokens in order to prepare for the 2022 upgrades of the Pub. None of these rewards will get out of the Pub... more information soon.

@spknetwork it's coming!

If you haven't yet read the news, please do.

This will be an important moment for HIVE and many that previously used Youtube as one of the main sources of the business income. Thanks to the latest expansion of the HIVE community, this initiative might just increase HIVE exposure exponentially, in the same sorts @splinterlands did.

The most important part is how decentralized this is planned to become, which will prove to face many challenges against infrastructure availability, although the independence improvement will likely be a total hype moment in terms of technology. Watch this space!

Inji (Beta)

@forkyishere gave a couple of tries to this one and I think he is enchanted 😍. Seriously, this is a disrupting app many of us might already have thought about but always saw that as a crazy leap to take. So here it is... the proof it's possible!

(click on the image to go to the inji post)

This is being developed by @therealwolf and you can visit the Discord Server for more information or follow the Twitter account.

Don't forget to come to #HiveFest!

(this post is both on @forkyishere Twitter and HIVE accounts, shared from inji)

🎁 Active #Giveaways

This section will be used to register the status of running giveaways initiatives.

  • The every gathering #NFT 🎈 giveaway (we donate one on every Pub gathering):

  • End-of-the-year 2021 SPS Giveaway! [PeakMonsters Status] - All the SPS will be awarded to a random user showcasing a Splinterlands battle on the Pub weekly gatherings. More info here.


Supporters details (total of 5100 DEC):
[forykw - 3000 DEC] [solymi - 2000 DEC] [flipflopcrypto - 100 DEC]

Estimated value (subject to changes on the pool) to be awarded to a random supporter (excluding @forykw) at the end of the giveaway:

4110 - 5100 = -990 DEC

The AteXoras 🍻 Pub Gatherings are an initiative from the HIVE-Engine ATX token (@atexoras), supported by the @atexoras.witness. You can join the AteXoras Discord server and visit the #pub-support for any queries in regards to the Pub.

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