Join the LMAC Curation Trail and Frontrun a 250k+ HP Vote - Top Picks Round 62


โšก๏ธAuthors of this week's top picks are each set as 20% beneficiary in this post

๐ŸŒŸ Large 146 HIVE prize pool plus extras wait to be distributed in the current LMAC Christmas Special! ๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿป๐ŸŽ„ There is still ample time to participate! Spread the word and join the fun!

Welcome everyone to the LMAC's trail update!

Please applaude last week's top picks of the LMAC Curation Trail:

Template image (@shaka)

๐Ÿ† Each of these artists will be awarded with 20% of this post's rewards!

Please visit the blogs of these collage artists, where you may find more content that you like and want to support.

Join the LMAC Curation Trail to Support Original Collage Art on Hive While Frontrunning a 250k+ HP Vote!

The @lmac account has been registered as a curation trail at and curates all valid entries to the ๐Ÿ‘‰LMAC contest. The @lmac vote is followed by a 250k+ HP vote with an intentional delay of one minute to provide the entire trail with a boost on curation rewards.

In its 26th week, the LMAC Curation Trail has grown to a length of 73 supporting accounts and can now vote with a stake of ~597'000 HP.

Every single HP in our trail counts and thus the LMAC highly values every Hiver who decides to support our trail, no matter the size their stake. Your support is highly appreciated!

In addition to our trail, the @lmac account has been trusted with the following direct HP delegations:

DelegatorAmount delegatedDelegator Badge
@bidesign201 HP
Bronze (50-499 HP)
@agmoore112 HP
Bronze (50-499 HP)
@muelli100 HP
Bronze (50-499 HP)
@femcy-willy100 HP
Bronze (50-499 HP)
@miketr100 HP
Bronze (50-499 HP)
@cetb2008100 HP
Bronze (50-499 HP)
@agmoore280 HP
Bronze (50-499 HP)
@mballesteros60 HP
Bronze (50-499 HP)
@adncabrera51 HP
Bronze (50-499 HP)
@quantumg51 HP
Bronze (50-499 HP)
@leslieebano50 HP
Bronze (50-499 HP)
@marcybetancourt60 HP
Bronze (50-499 HP)
@one-eye10 HP

Thanks to all participants and delegators the LMAC Curation Trail can substantially support all entries to the LMAC contest regardless of their ranking in the final community poll.

Hivers, art lovers and LMACians who wish to support original collage art on Hive but don't have the time to curate for themselves can join the trail easily:

The rules by which the @lmac account curates are short and simple:

  • Only rule-compliant contributions that are posted to the LMAC community will be voted on.
  • Community-driven engagement and outreach posts will be supported.
  • ๐Ÿ†•Courses submitted to the LMAC School will be supported.
  • The @lmac account will never be used to pull votes on posts of the trail owner.

Weekly LMAC Stats

Started as a niche offering, the LMAC has meanwhile attracted a dedicated community with now 524 subscribers. The past rounds were regularly joined by 30-40 active contributors who enjoy making collages and competing with their creations in a friendly competition:

Stats 62

In our growing group of participants all skill-levels are welcome! We have enthusiastic hobbyists, whose ideas and creativity never fail to amaze, as well as some highly skilled professionals who contribute impressive collage art.

๐Ÿ’ฌ Please respond to this post if you have further questions or wish to learn more about the LMAC!

See you all in Round 63 of 'Let's Make A Collage'!

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