Introducing the LMAC Contributor Badge 🏅


⚡️The new LMAC Contributor Badge will be awarded to those Hivers who add to the prize pool of the weekly Let's Make a Collage contest in a regular manner.

Great news everyone!

Now the LMAC has yet another way to acknowledge those Hivers who contribute to the weekly prize pool of our community contest:

The LMAC Contributor Badge !

The LMAC Contributor Badge just got approved by the awesome PeakD-Crew and has already been awarded to the following 21 Hivers:

@agmoore, @anwars, @aranda, @atlantiss, @bidesign, @carlosluistoro, @cetb2008, @elcorrecamino, @eve66, @lagatayarit, @marcybetancourt, @mister.reatard, @muelli, @panksero, @quantumg, @razeiv, @rappler, @shemzy, @shrazi, @suheri and @tormenta.

🎉Congratulations and a big Thank you to all of you for so greatly supporting our community!

Who is awarded with the LMAC Contributor Badge?

👉 Every Hiver who added at least 5 times to the LMAC's weekly prize pool by setting our community account (@hive-174695) as a 20% beneficiary within a period of three months.

If you think you are already eligible to receive this badge but don't find yourself among the names listed above, please comment to this post and provide the links for the respective 5 posts of yours. The LMAC doesn't have the means to extract this information in an automated manner and thus depends on your input to find those who are eligible.

What is the benefit of being awarded with the LMAC Contributor Badge?

👉 First and foremost, the badge makes it visible to everyone that its bearer regularly adds to our community's prize pool. The LMAC prize pool is not the only but a critical component for us to continue to grow as a community. Those who contribute to our weekly prize pool therefore deserve special recognition.

👉 Secondly, all badge holders are included in a separate curation list by @shaka. This means that all badge holders have a guarantee that their posts will be seen at least once per week by @shaka. This may or may not result in upvotes of varying strengths, but it certainly increases the chances of receiving one. ❗️Note that this special curation will only include posts non-related to the LMAC and thus won't affect anyone's chances in the LMAC contest! Accordingly, the LMAC Curation Trail will not be involved in this.

With the LMAC Contributor Badge we now have an even more comprehensive set of incentives for those supporting the LMAC community, whether as an artist, curator or prize pool contributor:

Type of Support Incentive
Joining the weekly LMAC Contest
  • Engagement with an enthusiastic community of collage lovers
  • Competing for a prize pool of currently 100+ HIVE per week(!)
  • Being set as a 20% beneficiary in the weekly LMAC Curation Trail update if selected as a Top Pick
  • Following the LMAC Curation Trail
  • Getting a boost on curation rewards by frontrunning a 200k+ vote
  • Adding to the LMAC's weekly prize pool
  • Receiving the LMAC Contributor Badge
  • Getting on a dedicated curation list by @shaka
  • Contributing a template photo to the LMAC
  • Being set as a 10% beneficiaries in the respective LMAC announcement post if the photo gets selected
  • ✨✨✨This list of support activities cannot be concluded without sending a huge thank you to all Stakeholders who support the LMAC posts with their Upvotes! It's our fellow HP-holders who provide us the visibility without which we couldn't reach a larger audience in the Hive - and soon beyond!

    The LMAC

    Started as a niche offering, the Let's Make a Collage-contest has meanwhile attracted a dedicated community with over 300 subscribers! The past rounds were regularly joined by more than 60 active contributors who enjoy making collages and competing with their creations in a friendly competition:

    In our growing group of participants all skill-levels are welcome! We have enthusiastic hobbyists, whose ideas and creativity never fail to amaze, as well as some highly skilled professionals who contribute impressive collage art.

    To provide further support for all contributions to the LMAC community, the @lmac account has been registered as a curation trail at and continually curates submissions to the LMAC.

    The @lmac trail is followed by a 200k+ HP vote with an intentional delay of 5 minutes! Thus all accounts in the trail will receive a substantial boost on their curation rewards!

    Please respond to this post if you have further questions or wish to learn more about the LMAC!

    See you soon at 'Let's Make a Collage!'!

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