Shoping for necessities as an amateur photographer at the hive blog

Shop for camera needs as a result of writing on the hive blog.


Hi hivers!!! On this occasion I share a post on hive for fun. Yesterday I just shopped for photography equipment at a mobile phone shop in the city market.

Shop Front Page

When I entered the front page of my shop, I was greeted with many cellphone cases of various types of cellphones and smartphones. It's colorful like this attracts me to buy it, but right now I don't need it.





This shop sells a variety of cellphone needs ranging from cellphone cases, tripods, camera lens BONG, LIGTHFLAS and many others.

Shop owners hang all types of casings according to the type of cellphone brand, we can choose according to our wishes. All the products are of great quantity and quality and have many colors to suit the tastes of fans.

I currently need a bong lens camera to capture portraits of small objects such as macros.


This is what I'm looking for, namely a bong lens for photographing small objects such as ants 🐜, beetles, pebbles and many other micro-sized objects.

There are many BONG lenses that have specifications,
I chose this because the type and quality is good and is able to shoot long distances and is able to shoot macro objects. The price is quite expensive but I want it. Besides being good, BONG Lens is also my need.

For the next I will review the images that I portrait in the next post. Keep following my blog, because it will make me excited to make posts on this hive blog.

The center room of shop



In this room, I was shown that there are many types of knick-knacks and park smartphone specifications, ranging from chargers, earphones, OTG, Flashlights, and many other types in the picture.

But that's not what I'm looking for, I'm looking for a tripod to mount my smartphone when I'm hunting for this much-needed sunset.


in the picture above is a standard tripod that I can afford according to the money I have. Maybe this only lasted for 3 months. Actually I want a flash to store photo data on my smartphone, I think this is quite expensive, the price reaches 30 coin hive.

Then I saw that there were many types of tripods that made me confused about which one to buy. after searching and I chose a strong one made of stainless.

The type of tripod that I chose could be for a short stand and it could also be for an extended stand for the tripod stand leg.

The Back room of shop

In the back room there are several other types of smartphone devices such as android fans, microphones, speakers and others.
These things do not interest me to have, these things are suitable for those of you who like karaoke and music



I don't need these things right now, maybe next time I will. 😁

And here also sell other materials such as glasses, mini blenders, watches made of plastic, children's toys and other types of plastic.




This is the view that provides in this shop, not so much that I can show in this post.
Hope you like it.

@dayatsiauliaSmartphone RMX 5 Pro


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