Autonomous game

Автономна гра
translation for 10 handicap points

can use any site, I would recommend brainking - there you are automatically transferred to the game with the next move, you can play simultaneously with everyone, but not blitz:)

And if suddenly a leisurely game will force out high-speed options - there are dozens of types of chess.

After the end of the round, those who missed it can, right in the comments to the post, agree on the rules for continuing the banquet, it may be a different kind of chess, the main thing is not the dull "classic 1/960" and not giveaway.

You can play a game with each participant of the tour, the results are evaluated according to the ancient system 0-½-1. For the last hour before the tour, I sum up and distribute the winnings and tokens for brain work. Of course, if you managed to publish a report with the #chess-queendom tag, which is outdated, we will change it by voting.

But the publication of the post can not be expected (what if I fall asleep)), the start of the tour every day is determined by the results of the current vote

Over time, you can check the links &

Now with the entry into the personal wing of the š-queendom the olds are experiencing traditional hitches. However, the reminder table is no longer needed, because the results table is a slightly different thing.

202 playersblitzkrieg 4+5arenaх
21:00 GMT½h+5chess-queendom?YY960Šqїndºm ºn blogčains

10 handicap points = 2-5 wins
reports on autonomous participation
streams (only without a white background, my eyes can't stand it))


forced page translationhover translation

If the indicated translation options did not cope with my spelling - whistle, I will translate into your native language. Or invite a connoisseur to get 10 handicap points

cryptours for which additional tokens are awardedand there is a sawing of the prize fund(when they are played in šroyal standard))GMT
Fri, 20:00 Hivechess TournamentSat, 20:00 Blitz ChessSun, 19:00 CBL & PizzaChess - 21:00Mon, 20:15 CHECKMATE COIN

other details @antipops/next-type-of-statistics-throne

But you can just play too, the rules are needed for those who want to win.
And now almost everyone can win.

There was no minimum number of players in the first round, and 1.848 Hive remained in the daily prize pool (as in the picture))

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