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In addition to the reward of tokens for the work of the brain, which is natural for the Šqїnd°m, we will try to play the Prize Fund. It is divided without a trace by three of the applicants, and 3 winners get the right to formulate a poll, and these guys do not have to match. The main thing for issuing decrees is to pass a political orientation test.

Categories of accomplices

  1. a naked šahist - does not receive anything except diplomas and medals
  2. enthusiast - rejoices and spreads the news, gets likes/cryptolikes/%
  3. a playful crypto-currencer who joins the Šqueendoms - receives tokens for performance and got what they deserved
  4. athlete - split the prize fund equally
  5. streamer - practices in different languages in order to be understood
  6. cheerleader - makes bets, waves his paws on broadcasts

if you contemplate the familiar in the table repeatedly or 0 times - report

on a parallel board - illustration "how to checkmate instead of betting"

The statistics include tournaments with rational control from all the venues where I participate:

  • rapid, in extreme cases more than 5 minutes in one hands
  • except for 1 and the same boring option and giveaways
  • for calculation, the throne loosening algorithm is used
  • piastres for brain work are awarded for the next day

To participate in the drawing of gold and other precious metals:

  • preliminary transfer of hive = rating in type of chess (for example: 1.679 Elo in 960 ≈ 1.7 hive) to a zero score (@antipops)
  • in memo - chess name
  • do not oversleep the beginning when the betting window "closes"
  • the opportunity to play outside the tour during the next day
  • cheaters are collectively downvoted until the burning of what has been acquired by hard work

1 of the methods: image.png Don't forget to put a comma:)

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If the indicated translation options did not cope with my spelling - whistle, I will translate into your native language. Or invite a connoisseur to get 10 handicap points

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