next type of statistics "Throne wobbles"

1шатываніе Трона


I thought and thought and instead of last year's systems I decided to use a new one, the main purpose of which is to shake the throne. Now only points for:

  • collected in tours
  • offline game
  • reposts
  • translations
  • offline participation report
  • streams (only without a white background, my eyes can't stand it))

10 points each = 2-5 wins

By the beginning, about 300 handicap points have been accumulated, let's see how you use it:)

At the start, we spend only 10 handicap points for the tour, and then we'll see
In the tours themselves, the ways to score points are used to the maximum, the ideas of additional monetization are welcome.
Rapid is played on liches, so that you can use the berserk mode, and smooth-bullet is played on, which is more stable, more beautiful and with more options and settings.

For a standalone game, brainKing is generally better suited, but more on that next time.

The additional distribution of tokens and the drawing of the prize fund include the remaining 5 cryptours corresponding to the šroyal standard, and mass rapid-960 festivities on the

In this way, winners of prize-winning places can be moved while the window of opportunity is open, and their gold is squeezed out.
An hour before the start of the tour - results, an alarm clock and payments for the previous one, that is, to play offline and publish a post with games you have hours 20 (sleepless))

The first game can take place at the usual 9 p.m., voting is traditionally difficult for chess players, they think which button to press, and there are several.
Within a month, it is recommended to check with the daily start precisely for this dPoll

You have already read further, you can like

The wakeup table so far looks like this:


and 27 more accounts
and 45 more without accounts

if you contemplate the familiar in the table repeatedly or 0 times - report

Don't forget to put a comma:)

The statistics include tournaments with rational control from all the venues where I participate:

  • rapid, in extreme cases more than 5 minutes in one hands
  • except for 1 and the same boring option and giveaways
  • for calculation, the throne loosening algorithm is used
  • piastres for brain work are awarded for the next day

To participate in the drawing of gold and other precious metals:

  • preliminary transfer of hive = rating in type of chess (for example: 1.679 Elo in 960 ≈ 1.7 hive) to a zero score (@antipops) image.png

  • in memo - chess name

  • do not oversleep the beginning when the betting window "closes"

  • the opportunity to play outside the tour during the next day

  • cheaters are collectively downvoted until the burning of what has been acquired by hard work

forced page translationhover translation

If the indicated translation options did not cope with my spelling - whistle, I will translate into your native language. Or invite a connoisseur to get 10 handicap points

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Fri, 20 Hivechess Tournament (@stayoutoftherz)Sat, 20 Blitz Chess (@schamangerbert)Sun, 19 CBL (@chessbrotherspro) & PizzaChess (@cryptoniusraptor) - 21GMTMon, 20:15 CHECKMATE COIN (@hive-129589)
If everything (except the offline mode) is clear to everyone, you can start testing todayЕсли всем всё (кроме автономного режима) понятно, можно начинать тестировать прямо сегодня

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hope I didn't write twice

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