Zombie-hare 🐇 My character drawing

Perhaps now I will disappoint someone (sorry), but I am absolutely not a fan of the zombie apocalypse and similar topics. It seems that there are a lot of cliches and the behavior of the main villains is a little predictable.

Correct me if I'm wrong! Perhaps I missed something very important in the zombie topic.
In any case, my art week is dedicated to cute animals, which I draw extremely rarely. I once again watched a film about zombies and decided to move away from the boring genre and turn a cute drawing of this wonderful forest hare into something darker and, of course, interesting.

My character drawing

What did I do? Zombie-hare!

My character drawing

I still don't understand how it "works" and how dangerous it could be for people. Perhaps such animals will become aggressive and begin to specifically attack defenseless scouts or tourists in tents) But this is a completely different story)

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