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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Day 5 of The Ink Well's Fast and Furious Festival! Good to have you here - have you signed up on the Launch page yet? Pop over and leave a comment.

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Twenty days of fast and furious writing, reading, commenting and having fun. Every day for twenty days, there will be a new prompt focusing on a different aspect of writing each day from character development and dialogue to setting and style and everything in between.

You can join the Festival at any time during the twenty days and respond to as many of the prompts as you want (prizes for completing all twenty), and do all your comments in one day each week if you want to - it's up to you!


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We've been through one round of the elements that are involved in story telling: we've explored setting, character and dialogue, creating a story arc and had a quick look at your own writing voice and style.

Today's fast and furious episode is about bringing those different aspects together to create a story or part of a story. Include, as well, any thing that you've learned from reading and commenting on other people's posts in the Festival.

Day Five Prompt - Bringing It All Together



This is Lee. He was reported missing at the age of fifteen. He has been missing for more than thirty years.

Lee has been found and he is going to meet his parents for the first time in thirty years. Your story is going to be about their reunion. Think about the setting and how you could describe it to convey how Lee or his parents are feeling. Try to include some dialogue that tells us a little about the characters of Lee, his mum and his dad.

Make a few notes about the story arc - we have three characters. Do they want to see each other? Is the long time apart an obstacle or is there another obstacle for one of the characters? How will you use the reunion to resolve the conflict created by the obstacle?

As this is a fast and furious writing practice exercise and there isn't much time, you may want to concentrate on one aspect of story telling - perhaps only revealing character through dialogue, or describing the setting or developing your own writing voice.

Perhaps someone has given you an idea or some feedback in the comments on one of your posts and you want to explore that, or you might want to try out a new technique - use that for your story about Lee and his parents.

When you have finished writing your story about Lee, you might want to include a few sentences about how you found the task, and anything that you noticed or learned through completing it.

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Finally ...

  • aim for twenty-five minutes writing.
  • select your tags wisely.
  • link your post in a comment below.

And then, look for other posts to enjoy and comment on.

Remember - have fun! 😁

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