Music to my Ears | The Inkwell Prompt #18

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Hey guys! Here's my submission for this week's @theinkwell prompt. You can find all the details here! This week is super short. I've been extra busy, but still wanted to do at least something! Haha.

Music to My Ears

I waited in anticipation, my headphones turned the whole way up. My favorite part of the song was coming up. Every time I heard it, it gave me goosebumps. The key would change, sending the song into an entirely different mood. The shift was subtle, musically speaking. But to the listener, it was like a whole new world. Like the changing of the seasons: summer into autumn.

I closed my eyes tightly, letting the guitars carry me away. The tone was heavy, charging. The drums were rapid, driving the song quickly. It filled me with emotions I didn’t typically let myself feel. They built and built leading to the bridge of the song.

Finally, the key changed. The tone flawlessly turning over to an easy flow. The guitars, no longer heavy. Instead, they played an exotic melody: light and airy. The drums all but disappeared.

With the change came an emotional release. I could feel the tiny bumps rising on my arms. The song never failed to help me find some clarity.

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