From darkness, to the light of happiness. - The Ink Well Prompt #93

From darkness, to the light of happiness.

Since I was a child, I was always alone, without friends, without my cousins, without my brothers and without a girlfriend, I had even gotten used to loneliness, I always spent my time reading and playing alone, imagining that I had everything that others had and that I could not have, because when I tried to approach people they moved away, many times I started to think why no one wants to have me by their side, but I could never find the answer.

Several years after I left elementary school and entered high school, I thought that everything would change, but I was wrong the first two years, when the third year of high school began, the girl that everyone admired and that all the boys wanted her to be their girlfriend, began to notice my presence, once when the teacher passed me to the blackboard to do some math exercises, when I was walking and just when I was passing by where she was sitting, She slyly took my hand and handed me a small note, I quickly put it in my pocket and continued to the floor, after doing the exercises I told the teacher:

ME: Teacher, will you please let me go to the bathroom to urinate. Please.

Teacher: of course, Manuel you can go and try not to be late.

Me: Thank you very much teacher, as soon as I'm done I'll be back.

I quickly leave the room and when I am on my way, I remember the note that that beautiful girl had given me, I stop in the middle of the way to take the note out and read it. I remember what that little note said, it said:

"Hello Manuel, I am Sofia, since I studied with you in school in 2nd grade, I started to feel things for you, you never noticed it because you were always locked up in your books and I don't know what else, the truth is that since we started in high school and we have been studying together for 2 years now and with this would be 3 years, I realize that I am in love with you and if you allow me I want to start being your friend."

After reading that note, I felt like the luckiest and happiest man on the planet, that day became the happiest day of my life! Well, let's continue with the story! I got to the bathroom and peed, when I go out to the classroom, I noticed that the most beautiful woman on campus, of course from my classroom, I stood still and she approached me and told me that if I accepted her to be my friend, if I get to feel something for her emotionally, not for her appearance I would ask her to be my girlfriend, when she kept silent, I said yes, what she said that all men are equal in the fact that we look at the physical beauty and not her soul.

After many years, we were already studying at the university, it turns out that we enrolled in the same career, since we had become friends, when one day she asked me why in school and the first two years of high school because I acted in that arrogant way, I told her that it was because no one took me into account and that's why I acted that way, the truth is that no one had ever taken me into account, I began to notice since we started to walk together and thanks to you I have friends, even if I do not meet you they call me, they look for me and we go out together to have fun.

The truth is that you have been like an angel for me, since you came into my life everything changed and I thank God for you, since you have been a blessing, I have friends, friends and I remember that they tell me that they did not treat me because I was afraid because I was always down and I was always reading, as I did not act like them, But since they started to treat me they realized that I am a great person and they asked me for forgiveness, the truth is that I was a little sad that they asked me for forgiveness, no one had ever asked me for forgiveness for anything and all thanks to you, I also share the same feelings for you and for me it would be a pleasure if you accepted to be my girlfriend. Yes, I accept!

She jumped up to me and kissed me. after several years, we ended up getting married, now we are still married and we are parents of 3 beautiful children, the first is a beautiful 14 year old teenager named Paola, the second is a 13 year old boy named Jose and the last one is called Maria and is 10 years old, my 3 children and my wife Sofia, they are my life, I love them! Now I am completely

Note: The drawings presented here are of my own authorship and in this occasion were elaborated with Photoshop.


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