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My first Halloween experience

In moment like this love and culture ways of life are shared, making the entire ecosystem in the spirit of oneness.

I could remember in the last eight years when my Dad make me feel so freaking
and uncomfortable seeing him wearing a costume that I had no knowledge about where he took it from.

I was so scare of him, I went ahead and talked to my Mum, if Dad has turn to a ghost, but she said, no. that we are in Halloween celebration.

The term was new to me, as she described what she meant by Halloween, my Dad asked me if he should take me with him, which i said yes,



But getting to one big square in the city, I could see so many freaky mens and women's, wearing the same costume as my Dad, I now asked my Daddy to get one for me, he now drove me to a nearby shop, where we get the costume we needed and before I could noticed my appearance again, I was even freaker than my Dad and the rest of the people around us.

My Dad laughed at me, he hugged me and called me "a little Halloween baby".

At first I felt uncomfortable in the costume but as times goes on, I became to master it, I was happy and was having fun all through out the day.

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