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Destiny counts

Destiny counts

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We all are destined to be great people in the future. Whichever way we see it or we tend to overcome it,it comes with a lot of patience. This destiny of a thing is that when you are destined to something,you can't do anything better than what you are destined to be. A destined person is a brighter person,since he/she knows what he wants to become, they will tend to put in more effort to be that great person in the future.
In a village filled with pride,honor and great dignity. There lived a boy with no parents named Benson,who had no specific thing doing or imagining to become a greater person in future. Benson had been living with his aunt since his parents died and he had been doing fine because his aunt never maltreated him nor defied him of his rights.
His aunt's name was Brenda,who always taught Benson morals and principles in order to be a better person and associated person in the society. During his stay at his aunt's house,Benson learnt a lot about humanity and diversity which he tended to put into action where needed. He didn't start school early because he had to learn,but since he had learned he told his aunt about his school issue which she agreed to.
The following day,Brenda took Benson to a nearby private school that had highly principle and morals any young teen can learn from. She paid Benson's school fees and other necessities he will need in the school. Benson was so happy that he was now a student,he always dreamt of becoming a student of a school and becoming the best student in his class. Asides that,he had always dreamt of drawing which he still doesn't understand. Sometimes when he wakes up from his sleep and draws what he dreamt,he won't understand it and before he knows it he will see the same occurrence as that in his drawing i.e. what he drew came to pass.
Benson never told Brenda about this but still worried about what he had been dreaming and coming to pass.
Back to school time…
Benson wasn't happy he thought of his dreams again but was still happy that he was a student of a school. The principal took Benson to his class where he was introduced. He saw friendly faces on the students in the class but saw some inconvenient faces too which he was afraid of. While he sat down on his seat,a young kind girl came to meet him nicely and asked about himself. They became friends while introducing themselves to one another,Benson had no friends except for the girl whose name was Linda. They became best friends in the school.

Time passed as Benson continued his journey at school…

This day,Benson was sleeping during their prep period and suddenly woke up,took his pencil and started drawing. Linda noticed him and was shocked because she never saw Benson draw before,besides a good one in fact. After some minutes,he stopped and wanted to sob again but Linda asked him what was wrong,Benson explained everything to Linda.
Immediately he stopped explaining,a car accident occured in front of the school which was similar to Benson's drawing. Benson's classmates started calling him a wizard because the accident occured few minutes after he finished drawing, the principal of the school heard of this and told the time keeper to announce an assembly immediately.
Benson was called out on the assembly ground and what happened in the class was stated,other students in different classes were surprised by his doings and was further suspended until notice. When he got home to meet his aunt Brenda who had never seen him frown nor sob before asked what was wrong,Benson apologized to his aunt for keeping his drawing habits a secret and he explained everything that had happened both at home and at school which he got suspended for.
That same night,as usual Benson woke up again to draw,he drew and didn't understand what he drew. He called his aunt for an explanation before it was too late,Brenda got there and was also confused. Before they could think of another thing, a thunderstorm struck their ceiling. Brenda now understood what the drawing meant,but she asked him why it was only bad things he always dreamt of and not good things but he nodded in confusion.
The following day,Brenda followed Benson to school. She explained to the principal but was somehow confused about what she had explained,but the principal later accepted the fact that it was his destiny to be drawing i.e. he was destined to be what he was and cannot be changed. He was taken to the class but was only welcomed by Linda.
Not quite after…
The bell for assembly was rung and the principal called for Benson,he explained how his life was and how he began drawing. Some students laughed while some were amazed. The principal then continued by saying destiny cannot be changed but can be delayed,whatever we are destined to be we will surely be it.
Benson's destiny was to draw what was going to happen in the next minutes which sometimes he wasn't aware of until he finished drawing. The students learnt from his story and waited patiently for their respective destinies.

Whatever destiny has written for us,it can't be changed but can be delayed.

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