The Perfect Technique | Inkwell Prompt #59

Okayo, a ten-year-old Japanese boy who lived in a tiny hamlet, had a strong interest in learning judo. His parents, on the other hand, did not allow him to practice judo because of an accident he had as a child that resulted in the amputation of his left hand. But his maturity, as well as his intransigence, were both developing in intensity.

They eventually had to accept defeat and brought Okayo with them to an established martial arts instructor in another city, where he was eventually accepted.


When the master first saw Okayo, he was perplexed as to why this youngster with no left hand would desire to practice judo in the first place.

"You don't have a left hand, so how are you going to compete with the other boys?" he inquired.

"It's your duty to say that," Okayo added. The only thing I know is that I have to overcome everyone and eventually become a "sensei" (master) myself."

The Guru was very impressed by his tremendous desire to learn and replied, "All right, I'll teach you, but there's one condition: you must adhere to my every instruction and have complete faith in what I'm telling you."

Okayo nodded his head in accord in the presence of the master.

The Guru began teaching Judo to approximately fifty students at the same time. Okayo was taking the same classes as the other boys. However, after a few days, he saw that Master was teaching various tricks to the other guys, while he was still practicing the same kick that he had learnt at the beginning of the training. When he couldn't stop himself, he approached the instructor and said,

"Master, although you are teaching new things to other guys, I am still practicing just that one kick." "Shouldn't I be expanding my knowledge?"

"You simply need to learn this one kick," Master said, and then he went ahead and did it.

Even though Okayo was surprised, he placed his whole trust in his instructor and returned to his practice.


Okayo continued to practice the same kick despite the passage of time and two years. Okayo became concerned once more and expressed his concerns to the master, saying, "Will I be able to continue doing this now and mastering all of the other new techniques?"

"If you have faith in me, then keep practicing," Master advised his student.

Okayo complied with the Master's instructions and continued to practice the same kick for the following six years, without raising any concerns or asking any questions.

Eight years had passed since everyone had begun practicing judo when the Guru summoned all of the disciples and announced,

"I have given you the information I was able to impart, and now, in accordance with school tradition, the best disciple will be selected through a competition. The title of "Sensei" will be conferred to the disciple who emerges triumphant from this contest."

The competition has begun.

Okyo was summoned by the master to take part in his very first match.

Okayo began fighting, and to his own amazement, he was able to win his first two battles with relative easily. The third bout was a little more difficult, but after a few struggles, the opponent's focus was diverted away from him for a few moments, and Okayo, as if anticipating this opportunity, delivered a precise kick to the opponent's leg to secure the victory. Okyo made it all the way to the finals while still in awe at his accomplishments.

This time, though, the opponent was significantly more powerful, experienced, and widespread. After seeing it, it appeared like Okayo would be unable to stand in front of him for even a single second.

The match began, and as the opponent became increasingly heavy on Okayo, the referee requested that the contest be stopped and the opponent declared the winner; however, the master intervened and said, "No, the match will be completed."

The game resumed at that point.


Okayo was being undermined by her opponent, who had become overconfident. His pride caused him to make a grave mistake: he allowed his guard to be lowered!! Taking advantage of this, Okyo unleashed the kick he had been practicing for eight years, delivering it with devastating force and accuracy to the opponent, knocking him to the ground. Okayo's kick had such tremendous force that the opponent collapsed on the spot, and Okayo was pronounced the winner on the spot.

Okayo approached the master after winning the match and inquired, "Master, how could I win this competition by knowing only one move? Master, I learned only one move."

"You were victorious for two reasons," the Master explained. For starters, you have mastered one of the most difficult judo kicks in the world, one that only a handful of other people can hit with the same level of expertise, and second, there is only one way to dodge this kick, and that is to seize the opponent's left hand and drop it to the ground.

Okayo realized that his greatest weakness had now turned into his greatest strength for the day.

The End

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