The ink well fiction round #18/ Change


People say one thing that is constant in life is change. Change generally is not predictable as it can happen at any given time and anywhere.

Change can happen any how and in any form.
""But how do you change what you are use to already.""

That's one thing that seems difficult in the life of man.

Jane tried to hide her result from her Dad. Where is your result i i i i'm yet to collect it Jane her voice was shaking as she try to respond to her Dad. I know you didn't do well that's why you won't want me to see it.

But i still have to see it so where is it he yelled at her she trembled as she remove it gradually from her bag to hand ut over to her father.

Jane was afraid because her Dad has warned seriously about her performance academically, and she know he will surely punish her for not doing so well in school as it has been the Normal routine in her house, she was already crying as her mum knew very well what her Father can do most especially when it gets to act of discipline to his children.

Dad I'm sorry Jane's eyes were already dripping with tears, I promise to do better next time.

There won't be a next time!! The response from her Dad go her and her mum even more terrified as the thought that ran through their mind is that he was going to kill Jane this time around and the mum needed to ask Horny what do you mean by there won't be a next time.

Don't worry i will get back to you with my thought and without any word added to it he walked out of the house.

Mum please help me beg Dad I promise to turn a new leave But this is exactly what you said last time and you are repeating same mistake ate you not tired of your father's punishment.
I think he is tired of punishing you, this time around maybe Killing you will be the best option the words were sharp in as they pass through her ears to her brain and to her heart it made her cry even the more.

Jane's was still under tension as they don't know what the father have for her.
The moment she heard her father's horn in front of the gate the tension became high as the thought of maybe he went to buy a gun rolled in her heart but to her greatest surprise the Dad said nothing again as he walked pass into his room.

But then her blood pressure went up again when he asked her mother to call her to the his room. Please mum come with me she pleaded as her mum followed her quietly into the room.

I have discovered your reason for not performing well in school the Dad started. I was made to know that you walk with some friends who are not serious with their academics as well and the philosophy is that if you keep moving with them you will keep bringing same result.

So i have decided to CHANGE your school i think keeping those friends out of your life will help change your result because i know you to be a very brilliant girl right from when you were small..
So get prepared you are changing school next term.

Ok sir though she will miss her friends but she won't have to pease her father up the more, so gor peace to reign she has to agree to the recent development.

She changed her school and the terms result after the school section also changed.
It was better than her previous result and Jane was happy to present her result to her Dad.

So you can't keep doing the same things and expect a different result.

CHANGE is the engine to getting a different and a better results.

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