Counting seconds to tomorrow.



I have never been this excited in my life.
The excitement even made my night long as I count each second that passes. My sleep was in bit's as I wait for the day to be bright just because of an adventure I and my friends discovered. That adventure is said to make one rich even beyond expectations.
I have always thought to my self how I will build a Duplex for my self, buy a BMW car and travel to any country of my choice when ever I feel like traveling. But money has always been a limiting factor to all this dreams, As the wants are unlimited but the resources at which these want will be met are limited.

A day came when I and my friends strolled down the city . We decided to go extra miles the road part was quite lonely but we still moved on then we came across a door that seems not have been opened for ages. On the door was written in Portuguese
" abre apenas na sexta"
we looked at it without knowing what it actually meant then we proceed and tried to go back as it was running late.
One of my friends said as we all stopped. Looking closely at him as he stare at the writing on the door. I think i understand the writing. He studied Linguistics back then in school that made him a bit conversant with some foreign languages.
In harmony we asked what does it mean.
And he replied
"it's only opened on Fridays"
And so what? One of us replied. That's what the inscription on the door means. It's Spanish language he replied.
we hissed and turn around to walk when he screamed again this time around his voice echoed out loud that it struck us with fear and we all turned around to look at him.
Are you ok? another friend said to him please let's go home it getting dark. With much excitement in him he said i discovered another writing and this one stated clearly that this cave hold treasure worth billions of dollars, you are not serious i said to him. I'm dead serious guys we are rich!!!!
we ignored him but the excitement convinced us to believe what he said and we all jump for happiness. But we have to go home now one of us said but another suggested we spend the night over there no that will be risky what if a wild beast comes and devour us. Lets go home please, then come back tomorrow been Friday and well prepared.
We all came to the point of agreement and walked back home.
Thinking of what tomorrow will look like. "ALL THE WAY TO TOMORROW" One of said as we all joyful walk back home.

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