"HOLY GRAIL! How could this be. Who Committed such an atrocity. Who would dare stain the clouds with so much blood."


"Jackson wake up. It's almost midday"

"I slept pretty late yesterday, let me sleep a little more."

"l hate disturbing you when you sleep, but I had to remind you that today is the 7th day of July."

On hearing that, I jerked out of bed. Partly out of annoyance and partly because I had an obligation to fulfill.

"Where's Chad and Rachael?"

I asked as I sat down for breakfast

"I sent them to school while you slept away."

"Funny enough, It feels like I slept for just one hour"

"By the way why did you come back home so late and ended up sleeping late?"

"I had to help a friend prepare for his wedding." I lied

I couldn't tell her that I spent the whole night fixing my cloud jet.

After the meal I dashed out of the house and headed to my secret penthouse. I dusted my cloud jet and zoomed off to the clouds.



You Probably figured that my name is Jackson [That Isn't My Real Name] I am a cloud angel, descendant of the fallen angels. After the plague in 435BC, we ascended to the clouds and lived there till this day. However during the reign of My Father as the HighCloud, he gave everyone freedom to live anywhere in the galaxy. His only rule was that every 7th day of July all cloud angels must return to the clouds and have a feast with the family.

"Now I have to deal with their complaints and criticism."

I said to myself as I approached the royal clouds.


I hated these feasts. I never have peace when I'm with my family, they keep pestering me and questioning my actions.

I got into the Royal Clouds to realize that all of my siblings have arrived, I was the last one to ascend.

"Now here's my pretty son. Welcome home my love"

My mom said with a peck on my cheeks.

"Most times I wonder if this is truly my son."

My Father said with a frowned face.

"Your Royalcloud, don't you think it is too early for this. He just ascended."

"I just don't understand how a true bloodline of the immortals would prefer to mingle with humans, weaklings, who have nothing to give in return."

"Dad, they give me happiness, a lot of it. Anyways I'm gonna go and rest my head for a while before the feast begins."

I said as I headed for my room.

I closed my eyes for barely an hour when a servant came to my room.

"Prince Jumoranta, His royal cloud summons you to his chambers."

"What does he want with me now?"

"He summons all his five sons for a meeting before the feast."

These are the reasons I hate coming for these cloud feasts, I never get proper rest.

I walked into the Royal chamber and saw my four junior brothers surrounding my dad, while he spoke.

"First prince, It's nice of you to join us, we were discussing on how to make your life better."

"With due respect dad, my life is perfect just the way it is"

"You can't say that. You are the first prince, the heir to my throne. It is a disgrace to hear that the future ruler of the 7 clouds has spent all his life on earth, without exploring other galaxies and unlocking your full potentials"

"Believe Me dad, I am learning a whole lot on earth"

"What could you probably learn from mortals. A royal cloud angel is supposed to be a king wherever he goes. Take your brothers for instance. Second prince rules Mars. Third prince rules Pluto and fourth prince rules the western clouds."

"That is the kind of life they have chosen for themselves, I am not destined to be a ruler."

"You are the first prince, These junior ones should learn from you, but you are a disgrace to our race."

"Dad I'll gladly take his place as heir, if he has no interest in the throne"

The second prince Cut in

I always knew that the second prince had an eye on the throne, but that never bothered me.

"Jumoranta how do you feel that you cannot tell your so called earthling family the truth about yourself. How do you tell your wife that her two children are just illusions that don't exist. How do you explain to her when she starts growing old and you remain the same. How do you feel that you cannot bring them to the cloud feast. All your brother's are here with their wives and children. I wonder what lie you gave to your family before coming here."

"She knows that this day is always set aside for my family feast. She never questions me because she trusts me."

"A family she has never met. What A fool with a very low level of thinking"

That was it. I wouldn't stand there and watch my Dad insult the love of my long. I flared up, held him by the neck, Pushed him to the wall. I raised my hand to hit him, but I couldn't get myself to hit him. My brothers grabbed and restrained me.

"Guards take this ingrate to his chambers."

I needed to clear my head. I got to my room drank excess wine and I went blank. I was brought back to consciousness by a loud trumpet that indicated time for the feast.
I realized that I have passed out for 3hours.


There was a great lightening, i figured something terrible just happened. Reluctantly I got up, and dressed up in my royal attire and headed out.

It was a grand feast, a long table decorated with several beautiful and heavenly dishes. Round the Table were my relatives, my uncles, aunts, nephews, niece, brothers and many more. At the extreme was the sit of my father, which was still empty.

"Where's dad?"

I asked as I took my sit

"We are still waiting for him to join us"

The third prince answered.

It is unlike Dad to keep us waiting, he is ually the first to sit at the table while others joined

"Something's not right. Grantula go to his chambers and let him know that we are all sitting waiting for him.

I ordered the fourth prince.

A few minutes later, we heard a loud scream coming from the Royal chambers. We all ran to the chambers. We were Shocked to see the body of my father, the RoyalCoud lying lifelessly on his bed soaked with blood.

"HOLY GRAIL! How could this be. Who Committed such an atrocity. Who would dare stain the clouds with so much blood"

"Stop pretending we all know you did this. After the brawl you had with him, you must have sneaked into his chambers later and murdered him in his sleep."

"How could you say that. Despite our differences, I'll never kill my father."


Out of shock, My mum fell on her knees in tears. Deep down I had doubts. Truth is, I couldn't give account of what happened in those 3 hours I passed out. Did I get drunk and murder my father?

"Guards send for the seer"

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