Old Life.



Geny was a depressed and unhappy girl, who lived at the edge of the town. She always had a tendency to rub off her anger and frustration on everybody else, and this made the people in her town hate and despise her. Deep down Geny felt like the most unfortunate person in the world.

She always felt down, moody and frustrated. Sometimes she thought she inherited this feeling from her parents who were no better than she was. Geny lived alone and never got married till she was about 75 years old. The longer she lived, the more bitter she became. In fact people started avoiding her, they believed her sadness and depression could be transferred from one person to another so they all kept their distance. She simply created the feeling of anger and sadness in the heart of everybody around her.

When Geny clocked 80 years old, there was a turn around. While taking a stroll in the town's park one evening, she met a young man named Shelby. He was new in town and didn't know her. For the first time in her life Geny had a real conversation with a man, they talked for hours till it was dark.

That night Geny got her first kiss on her doorstep. Shelby walked her home and was so adamant to leave. That same night they both dreamt about each other and something very heavy fell off Geny's chest. She woke up the next morning happy and cheerful for the first time in her life. Geny's joy was so obvious the rumor spread within days.

Her life was about to change.

One evening while Shelby and Geny took a Walk in the park. He looked deep in her eyes, kissed her deeply and asked her "What happened to you?".

" Nothing special, I just met the love of my life. all my life I have been sad, chasing happiness and it always proved useless, then I accepted my fate". " I met you and you changed my mind about life, you simply made me want to live it", she replied with tears in her eyes.

The End..

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