I Cannot Be Happy At All Time

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If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.

Frank Lane

Welcome to my page again ye gracious readers and if it is your first time here, glad to make your acquaintance.

The rainbow is known to come after a cloudy day as it is said to symbolize that the storm is over.

For the rainbow to exist, the storm has to have begun and ended. On these stormy days, we find even the bravest of hearts and kindest of souls with a crack that makes us question them or ourselves, can we all be fully happy at all times?

This question I ask of you dearly beloved readers brings us to the story of Rosie, Jasmine, and a stranger on why the storm comes first.

How did the story begin?

The story was said to have begun in a small village where little Rosie once told her friend Jasmine that she can not be happy at all times during one of their conversations.

Rosie being at the age of eight(8) has been dealt with brutally by life but still, she is always full of life. She'd make you giggle endlessly with every word she says. Some think her an angel while others believe her a gifted soul with the power to lighten up every room she steps into.

Though Rosie was always full of life, there are times her strongly built frame cracks and she is left with a solemn face for a minute or so, but no one ever saw that part of her.

It was on this day or minute of her solemn look did Jasmine saw her, and the following conversation ensued between the duos.

Jasmine:"Hello little rainbow, how are you today?" She asked beaming with smiles, but after seeing Rosie's look, Jasmine became alarmed and asked, "why does the sky look cloudy today?

Rosie: With a smile she answered, " Hello to you too Jasmine, I am fine and you need not be alarmed about my look, " I Cannot be happy at all times"

Jasmine: "But you are always happy and full of energy, something is wrong isn't it? Do I need to call on anyone?

Rosie: Nodding her head with a beautiful smile, she said, "I am human Jasmine, and as long as I live, they are going to be happy days and sad ones too, that's what makes life balance, now do not just stare at me weirdly Rose said to Jasmine, look up at the sky and tell me what you see"

Just as Jasmine looked up, Rosie stooped closer and poke Jasmine on her rib as she was just a year older than she is but of the same height as her.

Before Jasmine could react to Rosie's poking Rosie ran off laughing melodically, the bewitching sound of her laughter made Jasmine forget about every other question as she ran towards Rosie who picked up her speed daring Jasmine to a race of which she obliged to.

Now Jasmine at the age of Sixteen (16) found herself at the sea where she listens as the waves hit ashore. Sitting on a rock she looked up, and then she heard a voice asking, " why do you wear a sad look, is there going to be a storm".

She turned and there she found a stranger looking at the sky also and so Jasmine smiled just as Rose had and answered the beautiful stranger, " I can not be happy at all times".

And when the stranger asked, "Why can you not be happy at all times?"

Jasmine chuckled and smile. "it is not that I don't want to be, I am human and alive which means that life needs to be balanced, they have to be an existence of both happy and sad times for life to be balanced.

Intrigued by her words, the stranger asked, " did you come up with that?"

Hahaha, Jasmine laughed beautifully and answered the stranger, " why not sit here while I tell you the story of the most beautiful and energetic girl that once existed in our world?"

Looking at the aforementioned story, we see that even the bravest and kindest soul viewed to be an angel had her moments of being sad.

And her response was, "I can not be happy at all times".

Now the question I ask of you dearly beloved readers.

Do you agree with Rosie's statement?

If you do, then I have one more question left.

Why do we fail to spread happiness wherever we go?

In addition, what are your thoughts on why Rosie had asked Jasmine to look up?

Make use of your imaginations and buzz in the comment section with your creative ideas.

Just like you have read, even the strongest mind tremble, but because they laugh we believe they are okay and say to them words we can not take.

Why not make the person that makes you giggle endlessly laugh today?

Spread the love and laughter.

Thanks for reading.

Still yours truly,

And always remember this...

Peace be unto those who crave it and more to those who chase it away

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