[Week 129] Weekend-Engagement concept: A multitasking woman a way of perceiving behaviors and facing life.

I have a very good friend who works hard Monday through Friday from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. that should be her usual schedule, but many times she leaves her job at 9 P.M. She is the head of a national and international correspondence department of a governmental entity.

She is the head of a national and international correspondence department of a governmental entity, she is a single mother with two daughters, one is in Ecuador working in a hacienda and the other is studying nursing here in Venezuela.

Her job is located three blocks from her home, she has four people under her supervision and her main task is to ensure that the flow of information reaches its destination properly both inside and outside the country.

At first glance it seems an easy task, but in addition to the volume of information that is handled, it is often of a confidential nature due to the sensitivity of the information, which must reach ministries and embassies.

Some of these employees under his charge are senior citizens who have many years working in this government entity and have been under the supervision of many bosses who have created vices within the institution and in many cases have resulted in excessive procedures to perform tasks and lend themselves to illicit or corrupt acts, which is transmitted to new employees entering the government organization.

This person I am talking about is very empathetic and although she listens to her employees, she sets limits because she understands that she cannot solve everyone's personal problems.

She has had to act in a direct and hard way by sending two employees to the human resources department for dismissal because she detected irregular activities and the processing of some activities in which the members of this department should not interfere.


She explains to them the way of working and how the information should flow through the departments, and sometimes these employees pay attention and other times they do not have direct confrontations with her, taking refuge in what was done before and in her condition as a senior citizen. In these situations she sits down to dialogue and wants to understand the reasons for the disputes, and if they are not clarified, a representative of the Human Resources Department enters as arbitrator, before which these employees panic and have even cried, which is clearly a way to manipulate.

Given similar past experiences, my friend does not allow herself to be corrupted and gives valid reasons so that her point of view is understood.
At night she arrives very tired and has to deal with situations at home such as cooking, attend to a dog, lack of electricity, lack of water, a broken appliance, and the inconveniences that come with having a teenager at home in addition to the economic problems we face in the country due to excessive inflation.

The weekends are sacred for her, she goes to the movies, visits parks and museums to distract herself sometimes alone, sometimes with her daughter, who to help with expenses works weekends via internet in a company very similar to Uber, in which she is dedicated to contact free cabs of the company within the area of downtown Caracas to which she assigns a requested service.

Being very analytical, she detects the behavior of people, organizes them methodically and then analyzes them, thus achieving a mental representation of what is happening around her, it is as if she were a private detective or a policeman.

I admire that he is able to lead a work group with so many professional and personal problems, he also keeps his head in the right place despite the high level of work that could lead to stress and manages to stay afloat economically.

I would like to be organized, more patient, fairer, more analytical, not to let myself be manipulated by other people's feelings, to manage my finances more efficiently and to be resilient in the face of periods of emotional pain and adverse situations.

This is my entry with a lot of fiction and some reality to the initiative proposed by @galenkp in the [Week 129] Weekend-Engagement concept Link Here, a happy weekend to all.

Weekend perception change.

If you could see things from someone else's perception this weekend, who would you choose and why. How do you think that experience might change you going forward? Answer in at least 400 words and from your point of view, not a fictional story.

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