[W.E- 125]: Forward Weekend!

Happy weekend to my fellow weekend-ers! It’s that time again. Time for this week’s engagement post by @galenkp


After going through his post, I was a bit blank after seeing the topics so I chose something I could relate to because I’ve actually imagined a few things about this topic.

”Forwards or backwards weekend
If you had to go forwards or backwards in time by 1000 years which would you choose and why? Explain what your experiences might be, what things would be like and what you may learn on your time travels. Write at least 400 words.”

Weekend Engagement

I’ve always wondered what the would look like in a thousand years. This thought kept popping up after I watched “THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY”, the amount of time travels done by five and Lila kept me in awe. Most times they usually went back in time and as great as it seems to relive something or an experience, I wouldn’t want to change or experience history. There’s no point living in the past.

I would prefer to see what the future holds and brace myself for it. Even though I know I won’t be alive in the next 1000 years.

I personally feel like we would have a thriving civilization in planet Mars, Mercury or the moon. Anywhere beyond Earth because the population might be too much and Earth would become congested.

Humans have adapted and grown so much over the past hundred years, they now live longer, are smarter and more technology based. Who knows what would happen in the next 1000 years. Flying cars? Automatic buildings that can assemble and disassemble on command? Definitely.

There would be a drug or serum for people to live for eternity. We might as well be half human and half technology with mechanical implants connected to the internet.
Death would be defeated! Or at most the death rates would drop due to advancement in technology.

Everything would be automated. There wouldn’t just be a change in our appearance but technology as well. We’ll have super fast computers. Quantum computers wouldn’t just be a science fiction but a reality.

It’s possible that we would have super human genes with all the advancements. Superman, Batman and hulk wouldn’t just be fictional characters from comic books but rather real. For examples genes for stronger bones, higher pain tolerance and resistance.

It’s really hard to wrap my head around all the advancements that would occur then or even to imagine them because there’s really no limit to what would happen.


The entire ecosystem would be connected. There would be cultured meat and organically laboratory prepared food. As expected poverty and terrorism would still exist in one form or the other.

We would have a future with aliens and other unknown species. The earth might even be obliterated and we would live in mars or the moon or mercury or Venus or anywhere in the whole freaking galaxy!

If you have ideas or you’ve imagined what the world be like in a thousand years you’re more than welcome to participate in this weeks engagement concept

Thanks for reading!

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