Weekend trip to Santa Rosa, Merida, Venezuela.

After an incredible and relaxing weekend, I can only wish you all a week full of energy and goals accomplished.

Many times the dynamics of work, makes them become quite routine and exhausting, this is certainly demotivating, we then become a kind of machines behind a desk and we get lost among so much paperwork, this was already being felt in my workplace, so our bosses decided to give us a different weekend, to relax, improve our bonds of friendship and connect with nature.

We left early on Friday, we spent about two hours traveling by road, the trip looked good from the beginning, we were all very enthusiastic to know what our destination would be, since the boss kept everything in suspense. Arriving in the city of Merida, Venezuela, we headed to the north, to a community called Santa Rosa, is a sector with beautiful weather and scenery, here is located the cabin, where we would spend an incredible day.

When you arrive at the place, you are impregnated with tranquility, you breathe peace and you can feel how nature speaks to you, inviting you to enjoy the chirping of the birds, the air filtering through the branches of the trees and little by little you disconnect from the daily stress to connect with the simple, with those little things, that we let go unnoticed but that are there to show you how beautiful life is.

We would spend the day in this beautiful cabin, surrounded by green areas, gardens, in the middle of a mountainous area, near an important river for the city, the Albarregas River. Two people were waiting for us, they would be in charge of various activities and group dynamics that would make our stay more fun, interesting and enriching.

We arrived around 10 am, we were welcomed with a delicious breakfast, toast, scrambled eggs, cheese and jam, along with the inevitable cup of coffee. What a great way to start, don't you think?

Then the games and group dynamics began, I had a lot of fun, many were personal growth exercises, you know those that seek to connect you with your inner self and bring out the best in you. These types of games intimidate me a little, but this time I felt confident and had a good time.

Then it was time for lunch, I concentrated more on enjoying the company, that's why I don't have many pictures, but the lemon pie deserved to be immortalized in a photo.

After the banquet, we just had to continue enjoying the scenery, we walked and spent a great afternoon with incredible weather. Laughter, good conversation and excellent company.

This was a great weekend, different, fun, I think it united us even more as a team. Getting out of the daily routine, at least for a couple of days, is good for our body, our mind and our being, weekends exist for a reason, to drain all the tiredness, fill us with good vibes and recharge energies.

I hope you also had a great weekend, I love to share mine with you.

All the pictures are my own, some of them shared on social networks. I have used the translator DeepL.


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