Weekend Without Mobile Phone: Week#183

From the past four years, am the regular smart phone user and during this period four to five times this thing happened that I stayed disconnected from the social media for two or three days because of internet unavailability in my region. No internet no reason of using the mobile. As all time this thing happened sudden and I had no plan of spending the days without mobile that's why first I got frustrated and then I moved towards my Nani house and spend time with my cousins.
Mobile is just like the disease although it's giving us the lots of benefits but slowly slowly they are giving the lots of harms to us also.
I bought my first mobile at the age of 20. From that day to till yet am getting merged into it day by day.
Just this topic memorized those peaceful days of life when on weekends I spent the peaceful life without social media by listening F.M , reading digest, watching television and little bit study also.
After only two months of buying mobile, our institutes closed because of COVID-19 and my life limited to home and mobile only. During that lockdown period I also came in the blogging and Mobile also became my first priority of life. Time passed and am getting introduced with Snapchat and Twitter and now with TikTok 😂.

So now a days my morning started by checking messages on Whatsapp, then I opened Snapchat waste my time there then Twitter and when i opened TikTok I don't realize how much time I waste there.

So I preferred the weekend without mobile and it will passed well without mobile.

I stayed the active Urdu digest readers of Khawateen, Anchal and Shua for almost 6 years. But due to mobile i don't even realize when I skipped this habit. Without mobile I would find some time to spend in reading the Urdu digest and magazine. Reading the good novel after a long time make me feel good

Without mobile, I have enough and proper time in learning the clothes stitching. Now a days if I don't have mobile i would spend time in sewing something.

Without mobile I would spend good time with my cousins also which I didn't from long time. It will be fun spending good time with children 🤩❤️.

Without mobile I would do the noodles party.

Without mobile I would ironed my all washed clothes immediately without getting my mother's order.

That would be peaceful weekend without mobile phone.

Closing Thoughts:

For me it's easy to spend the weekend without mobile phone. Mobile is good but life without mobile phone is also good. I don't suggest myself to leave the mobile permanently but it's good to skip the Mobile for few hours and spend time in doing things which make me feel good.

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