WE112 : I Have The Lots Of Nicknames

Living in the Pakistan where giving the nicknames to the childern is the common thing and when you are the biggest child of your home and living in the joint family system then having the lots of nicknames is not the odd thing. So I also have the lots of nicknames given by my father, uncle, cousins, sister and friends.

Roojo and Roojay Are The Nicknames Given By My Father:

The nicknames from the childhood am listening from my father is Roojo and Roojay. They gave me this name by love and am smiled when he all time calling me by this name and I think these names suit on me😘.

My Chachu (Uncle) Called Me Fatty Girl (Motto), Bil Batoori and Amrood:

From childhood am too much attached with my father and uncle and didn't stay one minute far away from them and every time when they go out of home I just start weeping. So my uncle start calling me the witch🤣 and Bil Batoori is the famous witch character in one of the Pakistani Horror Serial.

Also from the childhood am too much foodie girl so he also gave me the title of fatty girl and till yet this name is famous in my home. And Guava is one of my favorite fruits in childhood.

I eat such amount of Guava alone in childhood not now🤭. The common name of Guava in my country is Amrood and he gave me the name Arooj Amrood, and for a long time this name stay famous within my siblings and friends.

My Sister Called Me Catoo and Rooji:

Rooji is the common name that my all cousins either they are older or elder than me addictive of using it. My sister also called me Rooji. But now from the past more than one year she mostly called me Catoo. She said you are looking like the pure cat with the Meow filter 😻.

My Friends Called Me Cartoon:

According to my friends:
"Sun Is Sun, Moon Is Moon But Arooj Is Cartoon"🙈
Even if they sent me any event greetings card this sentence was written on it.

Although they already called me cartoon, but now they regularly called me the cartoon after seeing my following pictures in which am looking cute to myself 🤣, but they called me cartoon.

Closing Thoughts:

Roojo, Roojay, Rooji, The Witch, Catoo, Amrood, Cartoon etc are all of my nicknames which are given to me by love and on the basis of my different habits. Umm....there are also the lots of different nicknames given to me but I don't share it with you, because I have the fear that you also start calling me by that names😁.

Thanks For Reading...!

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