My DeFi Journey on Binance Smart Chain ! With Tips to earn 🤑

Hello HODLers,

Many of you followed my BSC Degen DeFi adventures and as I said I was stopping it because it is clearly not worth it, I have reallocated some of my capital on the Binance Smart Chain towards more established and trustworthy DeFi Platforms.



As you can see below is a split of my assets

My BSC DeFi Portfolio on July, 6th


I believe I do not have to present the project nor the team especially when I am blogging on This is my biggest holding and is concentrated into the CUB-BUSD pool that offers a very good APR and a limited risk (to the upside or downside).

I am thinking of going out of this in the near term as the whole Kingdom migration will happen and might ease even more the selling pressure on $CUB.


My assets on this platform are the greenish ones: $BNB and 2.5 leveraged $CAKE.

This is a platform I stumbled across very recently but which is quite amazing.

It is a lending and autocompounding platform which has $1.2bn TVL. Their main caracteristic is that you can participate in LP Leveraging.

What does this mean? It means this platform allows you to multiply your LP by 2-4x (up to 6x but it is not really the case).

For example, as I know some LEO users love stablecoins, the platform allows you to take a 4x Leverage on the TUSD-BUSD Pair


It means that you will have an actual LP 4 times bigger than your assets and therefore, the yield farming, the fees or the Alpaca Rewards will be 4x higher. To achieve this, you usually have to borrow another token against your assets, in this case, it would be BUSD which has a total borrowing interest of 50% APR (as you are borrowing 3x your assets).

It is quite complicated at first, you definitely have to read their medium and different use cases to understand all the risks, because there are risks !

You could get liquidated if the assets you are borrowing outperforms the one you have. Not for the first newbies, but I used it for my $CAKE and I am very happy considering the $CAKE price has been going up over the past 2 days !




This is a fork of PancakeSwap that managed to create its own use cases through its token $BANANA.

I am farming $BANANA with my $BOG-$BNB LP and I am farming $BOG with my staked $BANANA.

Not much to say except that I really like their 'Ape Stats" UI. They have IAO for new projects, NFTs, etc...


This is all my dear friends ! I will keep you updated about my performance and my BSC DeFi moves on a weekly basis !

Am I missing some other very interesting platforms or farming pairs? Let me know.


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