My 2021 Hive Highlights

I came across @thekittygirl's post and discovered this challenge. The challenge centers around writing a #hivehighlight post. I checked the tag and read some nice highlights of Hive users. I think that I have to join this challenge because my 2021 of HIVE has been just great.

If you want to join, here are the informations about the challenge in @guiltyparties's original post: Community Challenge: Name Your 2021 Hive Highlight! Thanks to him.


I will have been on HIVE for 4 years by January, 2022. I can say that I was active mostly in my first year. Then, I shared post from time to time to keep in touch with HIVE. However, since August 2021, I have been on HIVE more than ever thanks to @ecency App. Why Ecency? Because it is really difficult to create post or follow notifications with any browser on mobile. There is also @leofinance's App. I will try it, too. Thanks to developers.

Starting particularly from August, 2021 has been the year in which I shared the most posts, read the most posts, upvoted the most posts, received the most upvotes, commented on the most posts, and received the most comments on HIVE. Besides, my most upvoted post in rewards which I posted last week is again from a challenge My Hive Story... What's Yours?

In short, 2021 has been the most active year in my HIVE lifetime. I hope that I will be able to carry this effort into 2022. My first goal in 2022 is to achieve 1000 HP.

Let's share your highlights. Life is good with sharing.

Thanks for reading.

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