HIVE NEWS @ 24 February 2021 - Podcasts, Hivelists and Beer Recipes

Hive News is getting back into the swing of things.

It is great that there is so much going on around the Hive ecosystem - app developments, new Tribes and Communities, events and contests - plenty to fill Hive News everyday.

In today's edition we have news about the Aureal Podcast Platform, Hivelist, CryptoBrewMaster, D.Buzz's PWA, HeyStack, Neoxian City, and Tribes.

1. Aureal Decentralised Podcast Platform

@blockanarchist1 has posted an update on the Hive based Aureal Decentralised Podcast platform...

Aureal is available on Google Play Store and for the web at...

2. Hivelist Update

@thelogicaldude has posted an extensive update on progress of the Hivelist multivendor Hive based selling site.

Two Hive Bridge Sites have now been completed for the @hivehustlers community and for the #Weedcash Network...

3. CryptoBrewMaster Recipe Updates

Beer brewing game @cryptobrewmaster has released some beer recipe updates...

4. How to install the D.Buzz PWA App

@dbuzz has posted details on how to install their new mobile, tablet and desktop PWA (App)...

5. HeyStack Crypto Portfolio Tracker update

@miniature-tiger has given an update on progress with the development of the HeyStack Hive-orientated crypto portfolio tracker project...

6. Neoxian City goes DeFi with Diesel

Neoxian City has entered the world of Decentralized Finance with the creation of a Diesel Pool.

The pool creates a trade pair between neoxag and swap.hive...

7. Tribes 2.0 - What comes next

Hive-Engine founder @aggroed has posted more information about the evolution of Tribes.

Tribe 2.0 with support for NFTs will be arriving in the next couple of months...

8. Hive Blockchain Tools & Services

@thekittygirl has posted a very good summary of all the tools and services available on the Hive blockchain...

9. Improving the Curation-Rewards Process

@trostparadox, who teaches at Oklahoma State University and is currently setting up a Hive community for his students, has put out an interesting discussion post on ideas for improving the curation rewards process through changes to auto-voting...

Decentralized Hive Fund

The Decentralized Hive Fund (DHF) today has a daily funding budget available of approximately 11,665 HBD.

There are now 16 proposals receiving funding from the DHF - @howo (core blockchain development), @keychain (Hive Keychain development), @good-karma (Hivesigner), @guiltyparties / @spaminator (Spaminator), @hivebuzz / (Hive Gamification), @arcange / @hivesql (free HiveSQL), @smooth / @hbdstabilizer (HBD Stabilization x 2), @steempeak / @peak.proposals (PeakD), @ecency (Ecency), @klye / (Hive.Loans), @hivewatchers (Hivewatchers), @inertia (Banjo hosting), @hivesearcher (Hivesearcher development), @martibis (app development - Haveyoubeenhere, Pinmapple, Buymeberries) and @inertia (Hive Developer Documentation).

@inertia (Hive Developer Documentation) was a new addition today.

These successful proposals are currently receiving a total of 9135.5 HBD per day from the DHF...

@erikah has posted a call for support for @disregardfiat's proposal to build a DAO Controlled Multi-Signature Wallet for Decentralized Exchange and DeFi...

@disregardfiat's proposal now has around 70% of the support needed to get above @gtg's Return Proposal to start receiving funding from the DHF...

Communities & Tribes


@slobberchops asks in a post whatever happened to the CreativeCoin Tribe.

One of the Tribe founders @swelker101 has responded in a comment...

Natural Medicine

@naturalmedicine has posted their weekly newsletter for Homesteaders...

Contest of the Day

Beach Wednesday Photography Contest

Post photography, video or written content covering the topic Beach. Votes from @theycallmedan to be won. Organised by @uwelang...

KEY DATA [ from CoinGecko & @arcange ]

Hive price (USD) US$ 0.235 25 Feb '21 03.41am UTC
Hive price (BTC) 0.00000467 25 Feb '21 03.41am UTC
CoinGecko MarketCap Ranking #267 (+4) 25 Feb '21 03.41am UTC
HBD price US$ 1.08 25 Feb '21 03.41am UTC
No. of Whales 32 (n/c) 23 Feb '21
No. of Orcas 298 (-2) 23 Feb '21
No. of Dolphins 1814 (+3) 23 Feb '21
No. of Minnows 8956 (+6) 23 Feb '21
Alexa rank ( #25,872 25 Feb '21 03.22am UTC
Alexa rank ( #26,078 25 Feb '21 03.22am UTC
Alexa rank ( #35,953 25 Feb '21 03.22am UTC
Alexa rank ( #52,032 25 Feb '21 03.22am UTC
Unique visitors ( 138,038 / day 25 Feb '21 02.49am UTC
Unique visitors ( 123,248 / day 25 Feb '21 02.49am UTC
Unique visitors ( 88,739 / day 25 Feb '21 02.49am UTC
Unique visitors ( 2,631 / day 25 Feb '21 02.49am UTC
Page views ( 483,133 / day 25 Feb '21 02.49am UTC
Page views ( 751,814 / day 25 Feb '21 02.49am UTC
Page views ( 470,315 / day 25 Feb '21 02.49am UTC
Page views ( 4,736 / day 25 Feb '21 02.49am UTC

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