Is this how I introduce myself?


Being power up day and wanting to participate in some of the fun, I felt the need to do a proper induction post. My first post on Hive was all guesswork, it had none of the right tags and therefore didn't get noticed.

As an older tradie, I have been slow to catch on to this new tech stuff but eventually my partner, son and work mates got me interested in this crazy crypto stuff 😅

I started getting a tiny bit of Bitcoin on an exchange and just watched it wildly fluctuate. Slowly, I added a few other coins having no real idea of what they were actually doing other than going up or down. Finally, I looked more into each coin until I found something I might be able to use.

Entering the world of Hive has been a slippery slope because the next thing I knew I was blogging, putting my workouts on Actifit and gaming on Splinterlands.

With a bit of practise, I should be able to come up with some good content as I have already worked many jobs...



travelled to over 30 countries...

(This was in Dhuliken, Nepal)

(and me in Egypt - you can just see me at the base!)

I've also run 10 marathons and countless fun runs...

(Honolulu - my fastest)


(New York, my slowest at 4:47)

I've completed 2 full Ironmans, 3 halves and lots of short triathlons...

And I've done 300+ parkruns at 80 different locations...

(This was one of the early ones as a volunteer pacer)

(Here I was collecting a Z for the alphabet challenge)

I've hiked and scrambled up lots of summits...

And competed and coached team sports in Aussie rules and touch football.

Basically, after completing my schooling and trade qualifications, I travelled and worked wherever I could, including 3 ski seasons.

Eventually, I settled down and did the family thing for 20 years.
A few years ago I got divorced and with my son now grown up, I moved onto the next stage of my life, I found my new partner (pictured in top photo) and we are trying to get as many new things into our busy lives as possible!

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