My experience on ListNerds after 2 months


I have been using ListNerds now for around 2 months. The first month I was just using the free version and getting used to the system and how it works. I am no affiliate marketer and had no idea what to do or how anything works.

Luckily the support of the ListNerds community through great and informative posts on Hive and some chatting in the CTP Telegram group with some of the OG's were helpful to try and get me on my feet. A big thank you to you guys and the positivity.

The next month I upgraded to the Premium package. Here I could send a mail more frequently, once every 3 days, which is great because there is no pressure to send out emails and I was only promoting my own blog.


This helped me to grow my ListNerds stake and the cost was a very reasonable $27 per month.

However, in June I decided to take the Enterprise subscription as I could see the value in ListNerds in promoting content on Hive. It really seems to be gaining traction and becoming a useful tool for content curation. You can really notice the increased engagement and upvotes.

Here I will try to get used to the new schedule of 2 emails per day and some of the features available to Enterprise subscribers like Auto Send Emails. I will however give you an update next month on how I progressed.


My Strategy

My current strategy on ListNerds is to keep building my stake and try to climb the rich list. I have unstaked a few ListNerds that I would like to keep as liquid ListNerds in case any opportunities come up and it would give me the flexibility to react to them.


Reasons To Hold ListNerds:

  • Staking rewards

  • Increased voting power

  • Future unannounced use cases?

These are the main reasons that I think it makes sense to keep stacking ListNerds. The staking rewards grow each day and it also increases your standing in the community with higher voting power.


Working out my current voting power

My vote score is currently worth 0,707. This is calculated with the formula:

The required score to validate a mail is 20. This means my vote is worth 3,5% of the validation of 1 mail. This is after 1 month with the Premium level subscription. With my upgrade to Enterprise level I would expect my vote value to increase with my increased staked ListNerds so that this could be worth 10% or more in the future. This would be a good impactful vote that I can give as part of my curation.


Increasing my votes

I currently have around 15 votes per day that I give out carefully to well-produced emails and articles. I have been adding diligently to my CTP stake in ListNerds each day to try and increase this. My goal is 5000 and to reach that faster, I have decided to power-down 3500 CTP from my CTP stake on Hive-Engine and transfer this over to ListNerds. This should then give me 60+ votes a day which is plenty to upvote all the great ListNerds content.



My biggest learnings

Some tips I would give now after 2 months to those starting out would be to make sure that you make a nicely presented email and preferably with a picture. Those are great to click through to.

Make sure to correctly link and scale your pictures and links. It is a shame to see broken links or unscaled images.

I heard one of the OGs say that you should put yourself in front of your audience every day. Therefore it makes sense to curate plenty of content yourself to get to know your audience.

Stock up as much CTP as you can to increase your number of votes.


Crypto earned

I guess everyone wants to see the numbers. I didn't keep track of the CTP that I earned but I am placed 40 on the ListNerds rich list and have accumulated 1980.038 ListNerds plus 90 ListNerds unstaked.


If you are interested to get started in ListNerds, check the link below. Also, there are some of my previous articles documenting my ListNerds journey.

Thanks for reading.


Let's connect:

Twitter: mypathtofire1 mypathtofire
Discord: SteveHodl#6998


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