Signing up to Listnerds - First Impressions

I've signed up to Listnerds today and I wanted to share my first impressions with you in case it would be of use to others considering signing up.


Once you have signed up which is straightforward, you are presented with the main Dashboard view like below:


Here you can see some easy step by step instructions to help you get started. You should follow these first of all as they are very helpful in helping you understand the basics.

Useful things so far that you can see here, are that I've read 6 emails and earned 30 Mail tokens. With Listnerds you can earn Mail tokens with which to send email marketing emails, but also you can earn Listnerd tokens and CTP tokens.


The first thing you will want to do once you are signed up is to start getting into the action and here you can see the Inbox view where you can see emails that you can read. You would earn Mail tokens by opening an email and clicking the link inside. This is how it looks:


Once you click the link, the system seems to register that no problem and adds your mail tokens to your account. Depending on your account level, you can earn different amounts of tokens per click. I have the free account so far and earn 3-9 (5 really) per click. If you want to send a lot of emails, then you can subscribe and get a higher number very quickly.


Under tasks, you can see some targets. This would be my target for the first week and month to reach.


I hope the introduction with Listnerds might be helpful for you.

If you are interested to sign up and join team Hodl, click here

Thanks for reading.


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