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It has been a while since I last gave a ListNerds update and I wanted to give a report on my progress since upgrading and also cover how to send a solo mail.


What I have been doing

Things I have been doing are increasing my CTP stake. Each day I have been powering up my CTP stake which has helped me to increase my voting and participate in verified mails. My goal remains to get to at least 5000 CTP staked in ListNerds. This would also earn me additional ListNerds which would increase the ROI%.

I have been looking to vary my hive content so that my ListNerds emails would be more interesting and appeal to more people. My most recent email was my entry into the eco train Question Of The Week. I have also prepared some food posts for upcoming emails.

I have been trying to improve my emails by reading the great content from @finguru, like this post here and from @thisismylife, like this post here. Thank you both for your great help and being so Nerdy :).


Upgrading ListNerds

Before upgrading to ListNerds, I had earned 112 ListNerds tokens. That had taken me approximately 6 weeks to reach that level. Since my upgrade 15 days ago, I have now reached 790.033. The current buy price on Hive Engine is 1.5 Hive per ListNerds = 1185,04 Hive. However, there is only a bid for 2455 ListNerds and the price cannot be guaranteed.

So far I continue to stake my ListNerds in order to increase my rewards. I have only unstaked 40 ListNerds which I hope to convert to Hive and pay for my subscription. If my usage of ListNerds improves, I hope at some point to upgrade to Enterprise level, but am not sure I am able to utilise it fully at present.

I have also reached my goal to get on the Top 50 ListNerds rich list at place 46:

ListNerds Solo.jpg

I want to show you this, not to brag, but to share my journey with you and show what can be achieved by using ListNerds.


Sending a Solo Mail

This week I also managed to read enough emails in ListNerds to get to 15000 mail tokens. I had set myself a target to read enough emails to get 1000 a day so it would hopefully be possible to achieve in 15 days.

If you are on a free subscription, it would take longer as you earn fewer mail tokens for each mail that you curate, possibly 28 days. But I would recommend you to go for it still because you will get all the benefits of curation plus at least 100+ ListNerds which would be a great payoff each month.

I will now run you through the process where I sent my first solo mail.

Once you have gathered 15000 mail tokens, you will get the below screen:


Next create your image to use for your mail in canva or similar tool:


Next you need to upload the image to a free image hosting website like and press copy on the HTML button:


Back in ListNerds, you can click insert media and paste the HTML code you have copied and press save.


Next I clicked on my image and pasted the link in the URL section of the Hive article that I wanted to link to:


Here is then my finished result - make sure to preview like I did below and that your links are working. :)


Thats it! Thats how it looks like when you get a solo mail and step by step how I created my first one. The great thing about solo mails are that they are automatically verified and you don't need to worry about getting upvotes to verify them.

Have you sent a solo mail yet?

Let me know in the comments.


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