LeoGlossary: SPS Airdrop

SplinterGlossary: SPS Airdrop

Splintershards (SPS) was launched in July 2021, featuring a one-year-long airdrop to existing asset-holders, with snapshots taken daily.

A total of 400m SPS or 13.33% of the entire token supply would have been distributed when the airdrop finished.

The distribution of SPS was calculated based on airdrop points which were awarded for holding different types of assets (the more airdrop points compared to others, the more rewards received daily):

During the SPS airdrop and before the Chaos Legion edition was launched, a new token started to be airdropped to SPS stakeholders: VOUCHER. They were initially used in the presale for the Chaos Legion set.

Vouchers continued to be rewarded to SPS stakeholders after the SPS airdrop was over, at a slower pace.

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