Dividend distribution token SORT ~1~

It's time for the first cast and I'm very excited. If there is any wrong information let me know so I can correct it. It's the first time so be lenient with me.

  • All those who have more than 10 SORT tokens are entitled to the distribution.
  • Payment is made by blocks of 10 tokens. That is, if you have 12 tokens you are entitled to a payment on 10 tokens.
  • Payment is made in Swap.Hive this month.
  • Each token will receive a payment of 0.0061. It's not bad but we are at the beginning of the journey and it will continue to increase.
  • I update the value of the token which is already 1.41 Hive per asset value.
  • Payments will be made during the next 24 hours.


  • The main one is the raffles that represent 50% of distributions. More than a thousand annual awards. Yes, more than 1,000 annual awards!
  • Value of votes $0.01 once a day among the participants. The vote is not guaranteed and the publications have to have a minimum of quality.
  • The current dividend yield is 7.32% per annum
  • The asset value of the token is 76.25% higher than the pre-sale price.


If you like draws and you like to receive dividends, the token that has everything "SORT" has arrived.
Perpetual lottery ticket that distributes dividends 1 Ticket for every 10 Sort Tokens Gives the right to participate in multiple raffles without the need to sign up.
You can purchase your Sort tokens here:

Token Sort White Paper
TOKENOMICS of the SORT token in detail.
SORT Token Utilities
Use of resources obtained from the sale of the SORT token
Use of the returns obtained by the SORT token
Draws for pre-sale buyers

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