Token Sort White Paper ~ Perpetual lottery ticket that distributes dividends ~

What is Sort?

Sort is a passive yield token that will generate dividends for its holders.
It is also a permanent lottery ticket that will allow its holders to participate in thousands of draws without having to participate directly.

You can purchase your Sort tokens here:


  • Presale 10,000 tokens
  • Developers and Marketing 10,000 tokens
  • Collaborations 10,000 tokens
  • Sale to the public 70,000 tokens

Total 100,000


The token will be priced at 0.8 Hive per token.
Everyone who buys in the pre-sale will be guaranteed their repurchase at 0.8 Hive per token. The guarantee will be Sort's own account and my own @yeckingo1 account with present and future assets.
The pre-sale will last 15 days.

You can purchase your Sort tokens here:

Developers and Marketing

Both management and developers will only receive tokens based on their work and will not be able to sell the token below 1 Hive.
They will receive their tokens based on different milestones achieved by the token.
The management cannot participate in the raffles. The tokens you own can only generate economic rights.

Sale to the public

The token will have a base price of 1 Hive token.
The base price will increase by 0.1 Hive token for every 10,000 tokens sold.
This phase will last 2 months after which the token will have a mobile price.
The mobile price will be 10% higher than the value of the account assets divided by the number of tokens in possession of the users
Example: Actios 10,000 Hive/10,000 tokens = value 1 Hive *1.10 Sale value 1.1 Hive token

Token utility

Economic: It will generate dividends to the holders of the Sort token and a buyback wall will be created to give it maximum liquidity.
Participation: "permanent ticket" 1 Ticket for every 10 Sort Tokens Gives the right to participate in multiple raffles without the need to sign up.

You can purchase your Sort tokens here:

Use of the resources obtained from the sale of the token

All proceeds will go to investments in the Hive ecosystem exclusively.
The majority will be used to obtain Hive Power
One part to create the purchase wall to provide liquidity to the token.
A part will be invested in HBD savings that will function as an investment stabilizer.
To a lesser extent, it will invest in layer 2 tokens of passive yield and in liquidity pools. These last investments will be speculative to generate higher returns.

Use of the yields obtained

50% approx. It will go to raffle prizes (minimum 150 raffles per year)
25% approx. go to dividends
25% approx. It will be destined for reinvestment to make the fund grow.


All dividends will be paid in Hive once a month.
The payment of dividends will be progressive and will not begin to be paid until the 4th month of the project.

Other benefits

Token holders will have voting priority but it will not be guaranteed.
A maximum vote per day and publications of a minimum quality.

You can purchase your Sort tokens here:

Over the next few days, more articles will be published detailing each part of the White Paper, but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

You can also contact me on discord with the name yeckingo1

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