Use of the returns obtained by the SORT token

Destination of the benefits obtained by the management

50% approx. It will go to raffle prizes (minimum 150 raffles per year)

  • Approximately half of the profits will be used to purchase prizes such as Game Cards, NFTs, passive performance tokens, etc.

25% approx. go to dividends

  • From the 4th month, dividends will be distributed to SORT token holders proportionally. A minimum of 10 SORT tokens is required to be eligible.

25% approx. It will be destined for reinvestment to make the fund grow.

  • A quarter of the returns will be reinvested to create a snowball effect that benefits all holders of the SORT token


All dividends will be paid on Hive or swap.Hive once a month.
A minimum of 10 SORT tokens is required to be eligible.
The payment of dividends will be progressive and will not begin to be paid until the 4th month of the project.

Other benefits

Token holders will have voting priority but it will not be guaranteed.
A maximum vote per day and publications of a minimum quality. During the first months you will be more flexible. Once the token has considerable voting power, a system similar to the BRO token will be used (the vote will depend on the number of tokens owned).
Voting is always manual, not automatic.

If you like draws and you like to receive dividends, the token that has everything "SORT" has arrived.
Perpetual lottery ticket that distributes dividends 1 Ticket for every 10 Sort Tokens Gives the right to participate in multiple raffles without the need to sign up.
You can purchase your Sort tokens here:

Token Sort White Paper
TOKENOMICS of the SORT token in detail.
SORT Token Utilities
Use of resources obtained from the sale of the SORT token

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