A Little Gain Is Better Than Nothing : Market Friday

It's Friday!!!
Thank God is Friday in the month of December.
The sun is out, shining brightly and emitting it's hotness.
You might like to grab a face cap, an umbrella is not best suited for this type of walk.
We are going to market, of course it's #marketfriday initiated by @dswigle ma'am.
Well we won't take long in the market, so I think we have to bear the hotness for sometime before heading back home 😁

A random photo I took in the street.

I went to a popular local market to sell my little cocoa seeds I got from a small cocoa tree.
You can find anything you want in this market, just name it.
Even though you may not find what you need in large quantity, but you will surely find little of what you want.
The market operates in full once a week, other days contain just little things sold by people living around the market.
This market gives you the opportunity of buying some things at a cheaper rate, because farmers come to this market to sell things directly from their farms.
The market is located in Abia State, Nigeria.

I have been drying this cocoa seeds for long, I even left it outside in the corridor and travelled.
Now, I am back and it's time to sell it before it starts spoiling.
So, I took it to the market without weighing because I know they will still weigh it there.

As known, when I got there they weighed it.
He said it weighs one and half kilo, I was thinking it could reach two but it didn't.
Asked for the price of one kilo he said it's $0.90 (#400)
That he will be giving me $1.35 (#600) for all the cocoa seeds.
I was thinking the current price was $1.35 (#600) or more.
He ended up giving me $1.58 (#700) for the cocoa seeds.
I just sold it, than allowing it waste.
I didn't harvest much from the tree and I allowed the cocoa seeds to dry much, making it loose a lot of weight.

Here they also buy palm nuts. The ones gotten from palm fruits.
They are in the bags in photo above.

Well I went round to buy other things, of course not with the cocoa seeds money.
Things are expensive, that money served mainly as my transportation money.

I couldn't get a photo of other things I got in the market.
Market was too crowded, because it happened on Friday.
That's how the market is whenever the market day falls on Friday, when I think people create time for shopping.

Alright let's head back, let's celebrate a successful shopping or will I say successfully spending money of no return 😅😄

Enjoy the rest of your day.
Wishing you a happy Friday 😗

Photos taken with my Android mobile phone.

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