Giving upper-hand to the economy at large.

What if we have a world of the economy where everyone operates with the banking system, when I say everybody I mean both the literate and the illiterate.

A world where notes will no longer be abused.

A world where the value of the currency will keep appreciating instead of the other way round.

Cryptocurrency is one way out, a way we can be able to achieve all these.

When one is left with no option then that option becomes the only option, that option is the only option everyone goes with.

Crypto has done so many goods that harm the economy in the world, not only uniting the world, it speaks the language of every country, that is to say it is not a currency of any country in particular.


So, it can be traded in any currency from any country.

Now looking at the emergence of crypto in the economy and how it will be of great effect in developing the economy.

I talked about having both the literate and illiterate having to go with the only option of banking instead of keeping money at home. one will just have a trading wallet that will ease the movement and circulation of currency and of course ease trade. Sometimes I see how currencies are being humiliated by mostly traders considering the nature of their trade and places where those trades are carried out.

But the use of cryptocurrency will give a drastic reduction or rather give an end to that as money will no longer be held at hand it will just be transactions from wallets to wallets as goods are also exchanged in the process.

If only this is put in place money will be safer that it is not exposed to theft, and rainfall and it can also be prevented from being torn, it will not be exposed to dirt and so many other things that are disrespectful to the currency in general.

The Emergence of Crypto in the economy will do more good than harm and I think it's something we should put more into consideration if we want a boost and a well-strategize economy. An economy that will have no option but to step up the level of everyone.

Crypto is the future.

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