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Accumulating liquidity is also healthy / Acumular liquidez también es algo sano by @globalcurrencies


In an uptrend it is said that the one who accumulates liquidity is stupid, while when we are in a downtrend it is said that the one who does not have liquidity is stupid, and this is said because the way to earn in an uptrend is due to have an investment according to the trend, while in a downtrend we lose money if we are not out of that asset.

Accumulating liquidity is a middle ground, in which we can take advantage of a fall if it happens, while we can benefit from a rise if it happens, but this we can do if we accumulate liquidity in a reasonable way, since 100% in liquidity is not reasonable, and 50% is not reasonable either, but I consider that 20% to 30% of our capital in liquidity may be better, but this is considering my capital, so this amount may change depending on the reality of each investor, and this is why it is necessary that each investor makes his decisions according to what he knows about himself.

It has been a major concern among crypto investors who wants to go fully crypto for living. Even though cryptocurrencies are highly volatile compared to the stocks or fiat currencies, they may perform way better than the old-school investment options for the mid term.

While, under today's conditions, going fully crypto can be extremely risky for most of us, it may not be a bad idea to accumulate some liquid in another basket of investment. Though it may not perform better than crypto, it will decrease your overall investment risk while enabling you to take an action when there is a profitable investment option.


Visa Buys Cryptopunk- Let's understand WHY? by @cyekmyster


The world has transitioned from the physical realms to the digital realms and art for one has moved beyond museums and galleries into online marketplaces. The trust has evolved from humans to trustless systems through smart contracts. Only time will tell how life would transition further into the simplicities and complexities of modern technology. But, why would a credit card company decide to invest in an NFT? How does it serve its unequivocal goal of being at loggerheads with the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem especially when there is a clear conflict of interest?

Cut Sheffield, head of Crypto at Visa, spoke of particular interest in the cross-section of NFTs and sports. "NFTs are gaining momentum as digital-first sports memorabilia," he said while adding "We expect a huge range of new cases in the years ahead."

Punks everywhere 😅 Being one of those who did not buy punks from a lower price levels, I watch the market with an open mouth whenever a new million dollars of transaction takes place.

Sometimes I get the sense that the crypto punk series will be on many popular blockchains as a symbolic NFT representing the popularity or the ideology of the blockchain. When we dive deep into the history of crypto punks, it is not totally non-sense IMHO ✌


Zerodha's entry to Mutual Fund Business by @codingdefined


Zerodha on 1st September got the in-principle license to launch its mutual fund business from SEBI. This is different from Coin where you can invest in mutual funds schemes. This license is all about creating their own mutual fund scheme where you can invest it in directly.

So now since we know what is active funds and what is passive funds, let's continue our discussion on why Zerodha and Navi can disrupt the mutual fund industry. One thing to note is that if you check which is better active funds or passive funds, anyone will tell passive funds because, in the long run, very few active funds are able to beat the indices and thus as an investor we do not have to jump funds to funds to get maximum returns when we can just get the returns at the index level. Recently Navi Nifty50 index fund has been rolled with the direct plan carrying an expense ratio of just 0.06 per cent whereas the active mutual fund expense ratio is somewhere between 0.5 to 1.5 %, which is huge in the longer run.

Crypto adoption has geared up since the beginning of the pandemic. As the interest in the crypto ecosystem, due to the APR of investments and the valuation of coins, many service providers want to have an active role over there.

Here we have good news from India over the launch of crypto department by a mutual fund management firm. Such products will push the others to join the crypto market while attracting more attention of the policy makers. In the end, it is something good for crypto regardless of the dark side.


CBDC's Cross Border Payments System: Worse than Crypto by @hosgug


Two of the world's largest economies, the United States and China, are adopting different measures, the first trying to impose regulatory and tax regulations that allow integration with traditional schemes. "It's difficult for the pig to fly" my grandmother would say, it is like wanting to fit a square in a circle, but let's not underestimate, the regulators are too imaginative and they will come up with something. On the other hand, China, always attentive to absolute control, has banned foreign cryptocurrencies and has concentrated on creating the digital yuan, its own central bank currency (CBDC), the idea is to channel everything there.

So I return to the initial definition, the change is so disruptive that it is impossible for the stale and ancient world economic order not to try to dominate it. At first, he ignored him, then he tried to destroy him, and seeing that the dead man is in good health, then he will try to adopt him, send him to school and choose a university career for him.

The paradigm shift is slowly but firmly happening. Just on this post, we have talked about the Visa's purchase of NFT punk and another mutual fund managers that joined crypto ecosystem. Even though it might be possible to ignore and eliminate crypto stuff, now things are everywhere.

For many people, crypto serves as a side hustle that they both earn money and explore a new world regularly. While there is a growing economy among millions of people, the taxation and adoption are two things that people seek to witness as early as possible.


Information is power in the cryptocurreny worldby @tfame3865


The rate at which cryptocurreny is going I am gradually seeing that in a long run it might help to eradicate poverty or reduce it to some certain levels. The beauty being a cryptocurreny holder is just too amazing. Despite it amazing part we should bear it in our mind that it is not a get rich quick scheme, it is an investment choice and loss is part of the game. Don't think that immediately you put money here it will rise to $2220000000, bear it on your mind that people are steadily loosing fund. The uncertainties here is just too much but we have to keep faith alive.

Don't be deceived, information is power. Learn to relate to people but why doing it know your limit. With information if there is a paying project you will be able to know very fast but if you are far away and you are not informed about that project you will definitely missed out. I can go on and on telling you why information is very vital when it comes cryptocurreny, but for the now I will end the post here. No matter what, always endeavour to be informed as this is one vital key in this life that will aid your growth in this world.

No matter what happened you should make sure that you are always informed when it comes to cryptocurreny. Remember the popular saying, if you are not informed you will be deformed.

The power of information/wisdom cannot be assessed with any measures. Back in a couple of years, the ways that information can provide a source of income for people was quite limited. However, blockchain-based solutions and new trend of content creator specialists for businesses generated another branch to turn information into money.

One last thing about the importance of information is that it pretends like insurance in crypto to save you from fraud and deceptive actions that are stealing the digital assets of people every single day.
Learn, produce and earn while saving yourself.



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