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Just as the name says METAVERSE, It is a universe of its own., but not the earth or the other planets. It is a Visual Universe, meaning you can't today touch objects. we have various Metaverses.



It is a collection of the visual world and leverages on Blockchain technology. Metaverse is considered to be the future technology. There really a great improvement in technology and the Metaverse is one of them. Although it is not well known now.

We witnessed how the owner of Facebook changed its name to Meta.
Some firms are already employing the Metaverse. He is striving to establish a Metaverse where people may meet and interact visually, therefore, boosting our communication

A few years from now Metaverse will matter and it will be a method where people meet and interact instead of the web 2. Another wonderful thing is that Metaverse is developed on several Web 3 applications.

Certain Companies have the Metaverse reality headset which you may use to join Metaverse and there are some sites where you don't have to use the Visual Headset.

Own Your Assets
In the Metaverse individuals own lands. Also, they are digital assets.
You may purchase your NFT (Non-Fungible Token) there and own it and create your gaming worlds.

More Comfortable
You may remain in the comfort of your home and attend meetings, and concerts in the metaverse. Just like the goggle meet and Zoom where we attend meetings and classes.

You may easily design your Avatar[which looks like you], have it dress how you like, and make appear in any location.

One identify
Metaverse utilizes one identity to appear in various places. Only one identification generated by you may be used in multiple locations. You don't physically have to travel there.
same as talked spoke last week about web 3 and the example we used was the hive Blockchain.
one Username and password are used for various front ends [ecency, peakd, leofinance, hive blog]

Improve Gaming Experience
In Metaverse it's still you the only change is you in a 3D shape. you may play games and get more enjoyment.
If you have watched 9D movies or played 9D games in cinema it is exactly how the Metaverse works.

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