Japan-made luner space-craft

SELENE beautiful picture of the earth taken from the moon


About 800 million people in the world. More than 10,000 religions. More than 7000 languages. 7 Continents 201 countries 77 Big Seas 186 big rivers 108 Mountains 100 big deserts 30 trillion trees And 8.7 million kinds of creatures ... They live on this small planet. 3

At present, the blue planet is 453 million years old and has been supporting life on its chest for the last 300,000 years. It travels around the sun at a speed of 29.78 kilometers per second in space and completes one rotation in 24 hours on its Axis;


Looking at this picture, I became interested that ... I wish ... Sitting on the same place of the moon from afar ... Get a chance to see the earth. So just sit and watch for a while.

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